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Opening Bid 5/26/24





453 -

JDS6s 1998 Junior Duck Stamp, signed by artist Eric Peterson,

number still attached on the left, but no top selvage so it is not a PNS, VF NH, SCARCE! cv ($475)



454 -

JDS9s 2001 Junior Duck Stamp, signed by artist Aremy McCann,

(Aremy only, as is typical for this artist), VF NH cv ($55)



455 -

JDS19s//22s 2011, 2013 and 2014 Junior Duck stamps, each signed by the artist,

JDS19 by Abraham Hunter, JDS21, which still has bottom selvage attached, signed "Madi" by Madison Grimm, and JDS22 by Si Youn Kim, all VF NH cv ($45)



456 -

JDS21, 21s 2013 Junior Duck stamp, Plate Block of 4 set,

one mint set, the other artist signed "Madi" by Madison Grimm, the youngest artist to ever win the National Contest. The mint block is upper right, the artist signed is upper left, VF NH cv ($100)



457 -

JDS21s 2013 Junior Duck stamp, Upper Right PNS no. 000018, signed by artist Madison Grimm,

this is the controversial winner, with the honor initially being taken away from Ms. Grimm, then returned to her. Her young age, 6 at the time, raised concerns. Simply signed "Madi", the "M" has an extra hump in it. Ms. Grimm has won two additional junior contests, making her the only three-time winner in Junior duck history, VF NH cv ($15)



458 -

JDS23s, 26s 2015 and 2018 Junior Duck stamps, PNS no. 000655 and PNS no. 000139, both artist signed,

JDS23 is lower left, and JDS26 is lower right, VF NH cv ($30)



459 -

JDS24s-27s 2016-2019 Junior Duck stamps, each signed by artist,

JDS24 by Stacy Shen, JDS25 by Issac Schrieber (simply signed Issac), JDS26 by Rayen King (the "R" is slightly smeared), and JDS27 by Nicole Jeon. A nice little group cv ($60)