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April 28, 2021

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370 -

Card 6 1984 Duck Souvenir Card, signed by William Clark (Reagan's Secretary of Interior who replaced James Watt), G. Ray Arnett and William C. Morris (winner of 1984 Duck Stamp Art Competition - 50th Anniversary),

brown parchment card with RW1 shadow, pristine condition, without stamp, strong signatures



371 -

Card 6 1984 Duck Souvenir Card with RW50 (Pintails) signed by Jim Watt (James Watt - Reagan's first Interior Secretary) and G. Ray Arnett (Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks),

pristine condition



372 -

Card 6 1984 Duck Souvenir Card, Brown Parchment with RW1 Shadow signed by G. Ray Arnett,

pristine condition, Arnett was Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks in Reagan's first administration, no stamp



373 -

Card 7 Blue on Parchment with RW1 Shadow and RW52 affixed,

pristine condition, signed by artist Gerald Mobley



374 -

Card 7var 1985 DOI Appreciation Card with under inking and double printing,

accompanied with normal Card 7, both in pristine condition



375 -

Card 8 RW52 on 1986 Ameripex Card,

stamped signed by Gerald Mobley, VF, stamp affixed to card which is in pristine condition