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February 20, 2019

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408 -

World Wide 1949-1955 Collection in Scott International album (no U.S.),

contains over (2,800) stamps & (7) S/S's, mint & used, inclg used Germany #675-85 & Czech #429a; and mint hinged Czech #434a, 678 NH, 707-10 & 719a; & Japan #864, plus much more. Strong Czechoslovakia section, mostly mint, w/cv over $600. Wide range of countries & topics; worthwhile lot



409 *

World Wide Collection of sgls, S/S's, M/S's & Bklt Panes for the Royal Wedding,

VF, hinged to album pgs, collection in (2) special Stanley Gibbons binders and slipcases entitled "THE/ROYAL WEDDING/H.R.H./PRINCE CHARLES/&/LADY DIANA SPENCER". There are approx (250) sgls, (180) mini-sheets & bklt panes & (4) S/S's, about (1,000) stamps total. Stamps are from over (60) countries - Aitutaki to Zil Eloigne Sesel and virtually complete for these pgs, only a few empty places (3-4) noted. ECV over $500


Not Sold

410 **

World Wide Commonwealth Collection of Gutter Pairs of Royal Wedding of Prince Charles & Lady Diana,

VF NH, of over (50) mostly common design gutter pairs from (19) countries, in mounts on country specific pgs in a Stanley Gibbons produced album & slip case entitled "THE/ROYAL WEDDING/H.R.H./PRINCE CHARLES/2/LADY DIANA SPENCER". There are pgs for (45) countries - Anguilla to Zil Eloigne Sesel (Seychelles), to keep the collection growing.


Not Sold