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387 **

UN 1//367, C1-18 collection of inscription blks in (3) albums,

VF NH (all in mounts) in blks/4 or 6, from 1951-81; predominantly UNNY (292 diff issues), there are about (60) diff Geneva issues & (9) Vienna issues; also incl are 1959 & 1960 souvenir stamp folders, about (10) souvenir cards (SC1//SC20) and three dozen FDC's. Better items incl #29 inscription blk, #38 S/S & an FDC and #85 w/"Broken V" flaw. Binders are Scott Specialty w/dust cases and only in good cond (one dust case is taped together); also quite a few pgs have "torn" loose from the posts of the binders; still a very nice collection Cat($887)



388 **

UN 75//253, C8//21 accumulation of over (2,500) mostly lrg multiples,

generally VF NH, but some flts w/a few stuck together or on envelopes (about 4 issues); over (150) issues are included; most issues in part sheets/20 plus sgls except for higher face value items; part sheets incl inscription blks; also S/S no's 85, 145 & 179 w/about (20+) copies of each. Nice dealer lot Cat($768)



389 CV

UN 593-94 30 & 70 1991 Rights of the Child Issue artist sgnd FDC,

VF, unaddr, w/WFUNA limited edition cachet designed by Heather Henson & sba on front; has UN June 14th 1991 FDOI ccl & addition UNPA stamp for "DAY of the/African/Child/16-17 June 1991/NEW YORK, NY



390 CV

UN 623 29 1993 Endangered Species Issue artist sgnd FDC,

VF, stamp w/selv, unaddr, cachet is limited edition print designed by Graciela Rodo Boulanger; sba on front; pmk is UN FDOI "CITES" ccl (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species)



391 CV

UN 627-28 29 & 25 1993 Human Rights Issue artist sgnd FDC,

VF, w/labels, unaddr, cachet is limited edition print designed by Ting Shao Kuang entitled "Light for Human Rights" & sba on front; has UN FDOI ccl of June 11, 1993



392 -

UN Collection of about (800) issues from New York, Geneva & Vienna Offices,

VF, mostly 1991-97 issues for postage & earlier for stationery (about 55 incl); stamps NH collected as sgls, blks/4 & inscription blks w/about (5) copies of each issue (inscription blks are (1) copy each). Stationery a mix of Unused & FDC; no flts noted on stamps & sm flts on stationery (tng, cr flaps on aerogrammes & such); nice items incl the (3) panes/10 of "MISSION TO PLANET EARTH" issue in 1992 ($68). A nice group for the collector/dealer Cat($1150)