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May 15, 2024

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Opening Bid 5/26/24





432 CV

CA20 California 1990 Canada Geese on FDC,

VF, with beautiful Milford hand-painted cachet depicting Canada Geese and goslings in a pond with redwood trees in the background, unaddressed. The postage stamps that accompany are the 8 California Condor (#1430) and the 20 California Quail (#1957)



433 CV

CA21 California 1991 Gadwall on FDC,

XF, with whimsical Milford hand-painted cachet depicting Laurel and Hardy driving a car to Hollywood and passing Donald Duck, unaddressed. The postage stamps accompanying are #1663 13 California flag, #2092 20 Preserving Wetlands and #2562 29 Laurel and Hardy, all tied with Aug. 29, 1991 Hollywood, CA FDOI ccl for #2562 and #CA21



434 CV

CA22 California 1992 White-fronted Goose on FDC,

XF, with beautiful hand-painted Milford cachet of a White-fronted Goose on front of Yosemite Falls, unaddressed