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359 CV

America's Bicentennial International FDC Collecton in blue with silver album,

(98) different covers from the Westport Collectors Society and from (95) diffrerent countries. Most with neaty typed address, but a few unaddressed and all with multi-colored cachets; many different topics present, ships, generals, presidents, battles, etc. Each FDC also accompanied by several paragraphs of history and biography of the issuing country and the stamp topic



360 **

Birds Topical Collection of (65) stamps & (3) S/S's,

VF NH, most are in mounts on Postal Commemorative Society display pgs (one is as received from PCS and unmounted). Includes issues on pheasants, eagles, waterfowl, and other general urban & forest types. Issues are from Bhutan, Maldives, Lesotho, Mongolia & Russia; incls a page of butterflies issued by Tanzania. All from PCS "World of Stamps Series" cv($73)



361 **

Flowers Topical Collection of (27) stamps and (1) S/S,

VF NH, including roses, wildflowers and bouquets from Hungary, Maldives and Romania, in mounts on Postal Commemorative Society display pages from the "World of Stamps Series". cv($25)



362 -

"Treasures of Tutankhamun" Collection of (21) 23k Gold stamps in padded leatherette album,

8.00 each, XF NH from Staffa Island, Scotland. Each stamp depicts a famous Egyptian treasure and includes a one page fact sheet. Very well designed and in excellent condition. Face value about $225