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6" x 9" Sepia SPI, sgnd in blue, "To Bootch-/The One I loff/G.G." Photo w/pinholes in L cnrs, o/w in excellent condition. Garbo was nominated for three Academy Awards, but never won one, although she starred in "Grand Hotel" in 1932, which won for Best Picture. Autographs rare from this actress, especially on photos. This still from the 1933 film "Queen Christina"




(Entertainment) Farley Granger (1925-2011), Actor from 1943-2001, 9x10 B&W SPI in green, best known for his roles in Alfred Hitchcock's movies, "Rope" and "Strangers On a Train"




(Entertainment) Peter Lind Hayes (1915-1998) & Mary Healy (1918-2015) 8x10 sepia SPI in greenish blue; they were married 1940-1998 & both actors & singers. Peter starred or cohosted several variety shows in the 1950's and Mary did movies, singing, sitcoms & variety shows. One of the few couples to survive Hollywood together




(Clergy) Dwight L. Moody (1837-1899),

Evangelist & publisher, he founded the Moody Bible Institute & several schools & is considered in the top (2) evangelists of the 19th Century. Here, his sig cut from the btm of a typed letter w/one lgt vert fold in the "M", sgnd "D.L. Moody"




(Politics) Remnant lot of (12) autographs,

(11) Governors (Balzar, Bilbo, Brucker, Carlton, Cross, Hunt, Ross, Winant, Wilson, White & Turner) and (1) Women's Rights activist, Caroline Norton. Most (10) are unused multi-color PPC by E.C. Kropp (Educational Series published 1906), (1) sig card & (1) short note by Ms. Norton. A very nice group of postcards and political sigs, prior est of $335. Governor's sigs circa 1931-32, Ms. Norton's sig circa 1860-70 (date obscured)




(Food) George Rector (1878-1947),

noted restaurateur, raconteur & food authority of the 1910's-40's, inclg his own radio cooking show & author of several cookbooks. His sig, in green ink, on TLS from 1946, less than a year before his death, discussing his father's leasing of a building & the name "Rector's" to a restaurant from 1905-15, then leasing only the building for 5 more years, whereafter the building was leased to Hibernian Bank. He sgnd a "P.S." note at btm a second time. Rector has one of (if not THE first) cooking shows on the air and was like the Paula Dean or Bobby Flay of the 1920's & 30's. Excellent historical content




(Music) Paul Weston (1912-1996),

"Father of Mood Music", pianist, composer & conductor. He was part of Tommy Dorsey's Orchestra, Music Director of Capital Records & won a Grammy Award w/his wife for Best Comedy Album in 1960. 8x10 sepia SPI in blue, small corner mount cr in LL & UR cnrs, o/w nice Cat($200)