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407 CV

(Astronaut) Autographs of Columbia Space Shuttle Flight #STS-87 (Nov. 19-Dec. 5, 1997) on FDC, contains signatures of astronauts Steve Lindsey, Kaylana Chawla, Kevin Kregel, Winston Scott and Takeo Doi (Doi was first Japanese citizen to do a spacewalk [during his flight]). FDC used was for #3173 32 1st supersonic flight with blue and orange Artmaster cachet, unaddressed, clean and fresh!




(Politics) Dean Gooderham Acheson (1893-1971),

signature on stock card (newspaper clipping added); Acheson worked in the State Dept. leading up to and including WWII. He became Truman's Secretary of State at the beginning of the 2nd term and was instrumental in the foundation of NATO. Card is in VF condition with clear signature




(Entertainment) Peggy Ashcroft (1907-1991),

British Actress, signature on 3" x 3" card, winner of an Academy Award and a BAFTA award for "A Passage to India" and a BAFTA award for "Madame Sousatzka" as well as British Academy Television awards




(Sports) Mabel Bryant (1885-1948),

British Women's hockey player (1901-1928), considered one of the elite players of her time. Signature on 5" x 4" manila card with newspaper clipping attached and dated 1928, the year she retired




(Composer) John Freckleton Burrowes (1757-1852),

English music composer and one of the original (30) music professionals who formed the Philharmonic Society of London in 1813 (later renamed the Royal Philharmonic Society). Here, his signature on a note accepting a request that he attend a funeral




(Theater) Edwin Gilding Clarke (1873-1934),

British actor and opera performer, signature here on a 3 " x 5" handwritten letter to an admirer, dated 1927 from the Shakespeare Theatre in Liverpool, where he mentions sending a signed picture of himself in the role of the Cardinal in "The Jewess" and references his role as Buteux in Lecocq's "The Daughter of Madame Angot." Letter glued to cardboard for protection but with crease at bottom, slightly affecting signature




(EDUCATION) Thomas S. Fiske Jr. (1865-1944),

Founder of the New York Mathematical Society in 1888, which changed its name to the American Mathematical Society in 1894. He was also a professor at Columbia University, as well as a professor and Acting Dean of Barnard College. Here, his signature at bottom of part of a typed letter with a vertical fold through the "m"




(Composer) RUDOLF FRIMLl (1879-1972),

5" x 3 /4" imprinted card with blue "From the Music Room of RUDOLF FRIML" signed "To/Jack/(musical score)/Oh, Rose Marie/8-3-71/(signature)Rudolf Friml". Composer of musicals, operettas, songs, etc., he is best known for "Rose-Marie" and "The Vagabond King", both popular on Broadway and later adopted to films, and the song "Indian Love Call" recorded by many artists. This signature dated about a year before he died cv ($750)





6" x 9" Sepia SPI, signed in blue, "To Bootch-/The One I loff/G.G." Photo with pinholes in left corners, otherwise, in excellent condition. Garbo was nominated for three Academy Awards, yet never won, although she starred in "Grand Hotel" in 1932, which won for Best Picture. Autographs rare from this actress, especially on photos. This still is from the 1933 film "Queen Christina"




(Entertainment) Marjorie Gordon (1893-1983),

English opera, stage and film actress 1915-1977. B&W 2x3 paper picture attached to 4x6 card signed "Best wishes from/"Valentine" at top and signature at bottom. In the picture, she is dressed as the lead character "Valentine" from the opera "Valentine"




(Author) Catherine Gore (1798-1861),

novelist of about (70) books from 1823-1858 plus she wrote (11) plays which made it onto the London stage. Here, she has signed a short, undated letter, closing with "I am glad to hear that Lady Sizemore is better."




(Post Office) Gronouski, John A. (1919-1996),

U.S. Postmaster General Sept. 30, 1963-Nov. 2, 1965. He also served as U.S. Ambassador to Poland 1965-1968 under Pres. Johnson. Here, his autograph on #1240 1963 Christmas FDC, during his tenure as Postmaster General




(Artist) Henry Howard (1769-1847),

British portrait and history painter, plus several ceilings, 2-page undated letter regarding tickets to an art exhibit




(Actress) Rosamund John (1913-1998),

British film and stage actress, 3 " x 5" B&W photo, signed in blue




(Postmaster) Lawrence "'Brien (1917-1990), U.S. Postmaster General 1965-1968, under Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson and Commissioner of the National Basketball Assoc. (NBA) 1975-1984. He was also in the motorcade in Dallas, TX when Pres. John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Here, his signature on Artcraft FDC for #1319 and with autograph of Frederick C. Belen, (1913-1999), the deputy U.S. Postmaster General 1964-1969, who helped to create the Zip Code System under PMG Gronousky and continuted to implement it and "work out the bugs" under PMG O'Brien