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378 L

RW12 1945 Shoveler, on 1945 Arizona Res license,

both w/"hunter wear", folded multiple times to fit wallet, incls tags for shooting (2) turkeys



379 L

RW12/WA 1945 Washington $3.00 license with hunter signed RW12,

issued 9-19-1945 in Spokane, Wash., owner also had a Big Game Seal license



380 L

RW16/SD1 1949 $1.00 South Dakota Game Bird License with hunter signed RW16 and SDMW1 with vertical safety paper,

issued on Oct. 14, 1949, RW16 Just Fine and a bit toned, SDMW1 Fine with scuff at L denomination. Condition is very good, has UR and LL corner creased from "wallet" wear, SD waterfowl stamp scarce on license. cvalog value for used stamps is $100



381 L

RW17/WA 1950 $5.00 Washington State Resident Hunting-Fishing license with hunter signed RW17 and Supplemental Elk License (Richoux WAE7),

issued 7/28/1950



382 L

RW18/WI 1951 $2.00 Wisconsin Resident Small Game License with hunter signed RW18,

issued Sept. 7 - 1951, stamp Fine, condition excellent, has fold in center for carrying while hunting



383 L

RW19/SD 1952 $3.00 Idaho Resident Fish and Game License with hunter signed RW19,

issued February 9, 1952, stamp Average (maybe slightly misperf) with light discreet signature, very good condition with tags which have separated perfs



384 L

RW20/TX 1953 $2.15 Texas Resident Hunting License,

issued 22 Aug 1953 at Harlingen, Texas. Stamp F-VF with bold hunter's signature



385 L

Texas Licenses, lot of (25),

no stamps, most 1960's-1970's, some interesting; "TOP OPERATION GAME THIEF", ducks, deer, fish, exempt, mule deer, turkey, antlerless deer, show permit, etc. Interesting group!