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318 *

Ubangi-Shari 1//J9 Collection of (49) Classics, F-VF OG, ph & or DG, most are postage and includes B2, J1, J2, J6 & J9 Cat($109)



319 -

World Wide Accumulation of over (130) stamps in circa 1960 Zenith Stamp Company Approval Book,

F-VF, mixed Used, Unused Hinged to approval pgs and some NH; includes stamps from (10) countries; Australia, Austria, Hungary, Indonesia, Kenya, New Zealand, Russia, US and others, with (37) used U.S. and (90+) foreign. Approvals originally at $4.89 for a $5.50 value Cat($44)



320 -

World Wide British Africa Collection of about (140),

F-VF, mixed Used & Unused, incls Gold Coast (6-115//148), Ghana (9-5//25), Cape of Good Hope (17-18//67), South Africa (98-5//361) and Tanganyika (10-10//33). Common material w/a few $1-$5 values Cat($57)



321 -

World Wide Collection of about (90) French Colonial Empire Countries,

generally F-VF, mixed Used & Unused (almost all ph) w/a few flts, mostly hinge thins. Includues Dahoney no.'s 42//81 (18), French Guinea 18//89 (17), French Morocco 11/C1 (26), French West Afrtica 36//J3 (17), Chad 19//51 (11) & French Congo no. 18, Mostly common issues w/a few (1/2 dozen) in the $3-$5 range, and could fill in empty spaces in your albums Cat($79)



322 -

Germany Collection & Accumulation of over (8,000) stamps,

consists of about (1,000) stamps hinged to album pgs (#5//O88) and over (7,000) loose in #10 envelopes; condition mixed w/most being used & a few w/gum, generally Fine and many better, flts to be expected, noted several creased, mint & used stuck together and tears, but generally in very good condition. Incls some DDR as well. ECV over $3,000



323 @

World Wide Issues over 3/4 lb on paper,

close cut (though there are a couple cardboards), some flts, eg. trimmed perf, bent papers, small scuffs but very few as we glanced at it; an "as is" lot w/inspection suggested. Hundreds of stamps



324 @

World Wide Issues over 3/4 lb off paper,

generally F-VF (leftovers from collections), used & CTO, some flts present, eg. creases, small trs, but mostly sound. Estimated quantity is over 10,000 stamps but w/dups (some heavy), and a minimum cv of $2,500. An "as is" lot, inspection recommended



325 -

World Wide USPS "Creatures of the Sea" Stamp Collecting Kit,

published by Scott, 16pg album w/about (70) stamps. CV is minimum for stamps Cat($17)