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372 */**

506//3036, C10//51 Collection of about (150) Plate Number Singles,

F-VF, mix of OG and NH (mostly NH). Most issues are from the 1960's, but a few from the '20s and '30s to the mid '90s. A few faults; no. 506 has DG and damaged bottom perfs, a couple have adhesions on gum. All different with same issues having different plate numbers cv ($144)



373 -

729//2746, C7//C131 Mostly modern U.S. Collection with a few '30's and 40's,

generally F-VF, a few faults mainly DG, unused mix of NG, LH and NH (mostly NH), neatly catalogued in black stock pages in 3-ring binder. Estimated catalog value is $350 with about (1,300) stamps (no duplicates noted). Includes 20 State birds, 22 Wildlife, and 29 Wildflowers issues as singles



374 CV

3152//3402, B5, C133 Trancendental Arts Council Cover Collection in Supersafe Cover Album,

by artist Dave Curits with linoleum transfer cachets. Total of (117) covers 1997-2000, including (1) 1997 Presidential Inauguration, (7) Special Event and (99) different FDC's. A very nice and unusual art form collection, each signed and numbered, all unaddressed but one, very low quantities issued



375 CV

UN FDC 181-204, C13-14 Collection of over (135) for 1968-69,

VF, all unaddr, about (40) issues w/commemoratives having multiple copies but w/different cachets for franking. Cachet makers include ArtCraft, Artmaster, CoverCraft, Colonial Cachet, Chickering-Jackson, Artopages, Fleetwood & WFUNA. Included are some BOB issues (C13-14, U4, UC708, UXC6-7) and the first issues of UN Geneva (1//13-10/4/69). Covers in a Nu-Ace cover album in excellent used condition cv ($138)



376 -

United Nations 325//542 Collection of (114) UNICEF Flag Series Proof Editions FDOI,

VF, panels in excellent condition, all with appropriate FDOI ccl, each panel with a beautiful print relating to that country. Some short sets; complete would be (144). Consists as follows: 1980 (6), 1981 (12), 1982-86 (16 ea.), 1987 (3) and 1988 (13). Not rare or scarce, but seldom offered



377 **

United Nations 31//58, UC1, UX1 Small lot of partial sheets in envelope,

contains no's 31-2, 47-52, 55-58, UC1 (2) and UX1; the Postal Stationery in quantities as noted; the stamps in quantities of (16-49) each and including 1-4 inscription blocks each. All VF NH or better cv ($164)