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391 -

1921 Scott International Postage Stamp Album, Twentieth Century, 1901-12, Volume II Labuan-Zanzibar,

contains about (450) stamps, probably 75-80% used, most value in Netherlands and Switzerland. Album in excellent condition with tight binding, dark green with gold lettering. ECV $450



392 -

Albania-Czechoslovakia Pre-1970 European Country collection in homemade album,

contains 2,900 stamps from Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia plus Belgian Congo, mixed mint and used, including some sets up to $20-$30 and Austria #556 mint hinged as well as some FDC's and other covers. ECV $1,600



393 @

Arabian Peninsula Collection of approximately (1,600) in singles and mini-sheets,

F-VF, all CTO Used and includes Ajman, Kathiri, Mahra, Manama, Oman, Quaiti, Yemen and Fujeira; there are about (7) mini-sheets, (2) S/S, and about (1,100) singles and sets; very colorful group with lots of topical content - space, flowers, Olympics and Other sports, history and famous people to list a few. All hinged to copy paper and stored in sheet protectors and contained in a Scott Minuteman Green binder. Current market value is estimated at $450



394 -

British Commonwealth Accumulation of about (230) mostly Classics,

F-VF, mostly Used with very few Unused, all stamps hinged to loose Minkus album pages; includes North Borneo, Penrhyn, Pitcairn, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, Singapore, Seychelles, Southern Rhodesia, Rhodesia and Nyasaland; also included are non-Commonwealth Reunion and Sierra Leone (about 15 stamps). Better items include St. Vincent #96 Used ($50); 128 Used ($20), and Rhodesia #2 ($17) cv ($404)



395 -

British Commonwealth accumulation of (63) stamps,

from Canada (13), Tokelau (12), Transvaal (23), Trucial States (11) and Uganda (4), F-VF, used and unused, all hinged to Scott Specialty album pages. Used stamps are in Canada (except no. 86 $45) and Transvaal (all), rest are unused. Includes Trucial States #1-11 ($54) and Transvaal 268//280 ($80) cv ($284)



396 -


pages up to 1995, contains about 450-500 stamps, 99% mint from Cyprus, Gibraltar and Malta,a bout $550. CV from each country, all around; most of value in early issues. Exceptional collection to build upon. Clean and nice cv ($1563)



397 -

British Commonwealth Collection of over (800) issues from (44) different countries,

F-VF and all unused with most NH. Issues range from late 1950's to mid 1980's, though there are a few earlier, i.e., an Australian no. 1 (unused with DG). Countries list from Antigua to Zanzibar with "strength" in Australia, Great Britain, Malta and Papua New Guinea. All housed in a Lighthouse stockbook (no. LS 4/24) cv ($365)



398 -

Portugal and Colonies 117//1519 Collection of Portugal (3) and Colonies (21) issues from 1899//1948,

F-VF, mix of Used and OG. Includes Portugese Guinea, Portugese India, Lawrence Marques, Mozambique, Funchal and St. Thomas and Prince Island. Best item of lot is Portugal no. 595-602 (cv $46) cv ($87)



399 -

World Wide "G" Country Collection of over (700) stamps and (10) Souvenir Sheets,

VF Used, (mostly CTO, but a few actually Used), includes Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau and Guyana; a few complete sets, mostly postage and no airmails; very colorful collection with many topics included, e.g., ships, flowers U.S. Bicentennial, paintings, insects, sports and Olympics, etc. cv ($418)



400 CV

World Wide Commercial Cover Collection of over (250),

from (20) different countries and almost all to a couple of companies in Houston, Texas; incls Germany, France, Japan (incl II-part envelopes), Brazil, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain (almost all the same franking), Spain, Netherlands for the majority of covers and a few (1, 2 & 3) from Poland, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Peru, Canada, etc. Generally, dating in the late 1940's (47-48) w/many of the same stamps for franking. Most are in rough to good condition. It appears most have to do with the cotton business. Most of the Germany are with the Buildings Issue and not checked if any errors exist. Interesting compilation



401 **

World Wide Souvenir Sheets and Odds/Ends Collection Remainders,

VF NH, that consists of (7) souvenir sheets, strip of 5 and a pair with printing flaw; includes (2) Spanish Andorra no. 102 (one with small tear at upper right), Canada pair 422/422ii dot over Crocus variety; Republic of China nos. 3626-27 souvenir sheet (2); Hong Kong nos. 737a and 762, Republic of Korea no. 859a souvenir sheet (2) with stain in left margin and Nauru nos. 201-205 strip of 5 cv ($26)