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125 CV

25 3 Brownish Carmine, Ty I, on cover,

Avg, tied with DES MOINES/Iowa cds ccl, cover with rough edges, addressed to Joseph Howe/Methuan/Massachusetts, ccl date either MAR/23 or MAY/23 cv ($375)



126 CV

26 3 Red, Type III,

XF, tied to orange cover with nice "CANTON/O./MAR/22/1860" cds ccl, addressed to "Miss Cora Dunbar/MtVernon/Ohio/Careof/William Dunbar Esq." Clean and nice cv ($22)



127 CV


VF, SE at right, tied to cover with WASHINGTON/D.C./NOV/2/1862" cds ccl, addressed to "Mrs. Eliza Blivers (?)/East Otto/Cattaraugus County/NY." Patriotic cachet shows Lady Liberty and U.S. Patent office in a (2) panel MAGNUS multi-colored design. A very impressive and rare cachet (Wolcott no. W-656)



128 CV

147 3 Green,

F-VF, straight edge at right, on yellow cover with Masonic "Eye in the Pyramid" fancy ccl. Cover also with "BUFFALO/NY/DEC/12" cds ccl. Clean and fresh, circa 1870



129 CV

156 1 Ultra on Advertising Cover,

Fine, full left side advertising with pics of surveying equipment, measuring tape, compass, etc. with "QUEEN & CO.,/924 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia/Mathematical, Optical & Philosophical/INSTRUMENTS./CATALOGUES ON APPLICATION." Very clean and fresh! cv ($7)



130 CV

182-3 1 Gray Blue and 2 Vermilion on Advertising Cover,

1 F-VF with upper right corner crease; 2 VF, tall stamp, both tied with Boston 4/17/82 duplex ccls. Upper left embossed "L.FRED'K RICE,/ARCHITECT/AND/CIVIL ENGINEER/9 PEMBERTON SQ./BOSTON". Cover opened roughly at right cv ($12)



131 CV

212 1 Ultramarine, Horizontal Pair on cover,

Fine-Avg, just in at top, tied to cover with "LEMONT/PENN'A/NOV/22/1888" triple circle cancel cv ($6)



132 CV

247 1 Blue Pair on commercial cover,

Just Fine, postmark circular date stamp "ABILENE/MAR/?/4PM/1898/TEX", addressed to "HAROLD EXCHANGE/9 E. 108th St./N.Y. CITY." Attractive multi-color corner card "RETURN TO/THE TEXAN PHILATELIST,/ABILENE, TEXAS". Walter C. Lowry published "The Texan Philatelist" from 1894 to 1899. Cover has back stamp circular date stamp "U/3-11-98/9-A/N.Y." opened neatly at top, but starting to lose paper upper right corner, also a small tear on right side and bottom left edge, envelope somewhat fragile



133 CV

319 2 Carmine on Advertising Cover,

stamp F-VF faulty, tied to cover with "WEST BADEN/IND./1904/JUN/29/7AM" cds ccl. Large advertisement at left of a huge building with flag above each tower and dome. In box at right, "The Carlsbad of America,/WEST BADEN MINERAL SPRINGS,/WEST BADEN,/Orange County, Indiana." Opened roughly at right; reverse with same day receiving ccl from Louisville, KY



134 CV

324 2 La. Purchase Exposition Issue on World's Fair cover,

faulty (opened at right with scissors which trimmed stamp on upper right side), addressed, has Samuel Cupples Envelope Co. cachet of "FOUNDING OF ST. LOUIS 1784" caption, stamp tied to cover with duplex ccl. "MASON CITY/JUN/30/230PM/1904/ILL." Address is in Fisk, Wis and receiving pmk on reverse is "FISK/JUL/2/1904/WIS." Cover inscribed in red at bottom "WORLD'S FAIR ST. LOUIS, 1904".Beautiful multi-color cachet only by Cupples for the Exposition; not with standing the rough opening, cover in excellent condition



135 CV

649 2 Aeronautics Conference on Event cover,

Fine, rubber stamp address with Roessler cachet, on buff sulfite card, postmark cds "KITTY HAWK/P.M./DEC/17/1928/N.C.", with pictorial of 1928 Plane/Wright Brothers Plane and 5-Line Text "TWENTY FIFTH ANNIVERSARY/FIRST FLIGHT/MADE BY THE WRIGHT BROS./AT/KITTY HAWK, N.C., DEC. 7, 1903". Cachet is Mellone/Planty 649-2. Not indicated if it was flown at KItty Hawk N.B. - The Aeronautics Conference adjourned to Kitty Hawk as a concluding field trip to the conference



136 CV

1900a//2468 Accumulation of (6) Transportation Series on cover,

F-VF, most pre-cancels, interesting corner cards cv ($33)



137 CV

1909 $9.35 Eagle and Moon on Challenger Space Shuttle Flight Cover,

VF, tied to cacheted, unaddressed cover with all appropriate ccls, with serial no. on reverse. Designated as Flight #STS-8, this cover was flown around the Earth with astronauts Gardner, Bluford and Thornton. Clean and fresh with original folio. COSMOS Cat #1800A



138 CV

2609 29 Flag over White House on USPS produced 1992 Republican National Convention Commemorative card, F-VF, tied to cover with Convention fancy cancel on the first day - August 17, 1992. 9" x 5" card



139 CV

1998 Colorado Rockies All-Star Game (Baseball) Cover,

franked with 3153 tied with pictorial event ccl of a batter and "ALL-STAR/FANFEST/STATION/July 7, 1998/Denver, CO 80202". Cover unaddressed with purple mountains and "ALL STAR GAME" embossed into it, as well as insignia for all Major League teams and purple border. Originally sold for $16



140 CV


all F-VF, and tied to cover with April 26, 1930 Varrick St. Station, NYC, NY ccl. Contains all appropriate flight marking hs's. Back with Friedrichshafen June 6 receiving ccl and green NY June 18 Zeppelin ccl. Very clean and only (1,707) covers made the complete round flight. Sieger cat. #64.DII cv ($2200)



141 CV

C18 50 Graf Zeppelin (2) on Graf Zeppelin Flight Cover Miami to Friedrichshafen via Chicago,

Sieger cat. #242.D, one stamp F-VF, other VF-XF, cover with blue Grimsland cachet of a Zeppelin. Violet hs flight cachet on reverse with Chicago receiving ccl and green Friedrichshafen Zeppelin receiving ccl. CV for uncacheted cv ($200)



142 CV

C18 50 Graf Zeppelin on Chicago-Friedrichshafen Graf Zeppelin Flight Cover,

VF and tied with Oct. 26, 1933 Chicago ccl, flight cachet hs at lower left. Reverse with green Zeppelin receiving ccl Nov. 2, 33; Nov. 8, 33 NY receiving ccl; and Chicago Nov. 20, 33 receiving ccl. Sieger cat #244.C cv ($175)



143 CV

C23 6 Dark Blue and Carmine on Airmail Week Event Cover,

VF, typed address, airmail envelope with York, PA. cachet, postmark cds "YORK/MAY 19/12:30PM/1938/PA." Back stamped cds "HARRISBURG/MAY 19/5:30PM/1938/PA." Very clean (bit of ink offset from another cachet), in excellent condition



144 CV

U481 1 Brown Postal Envelope,

XF, legal-sized envelope with all over blue, red and yellow advertisement from Uncle Johnny's Feeds, showing two bags of Poultry and Dairy Feeds. The stamp and address area are completely emcompassed by design of a large shipping tag. 1946 Houst, TX ccl, opened cleanly at right and with small piece missing at lower left corner



145 -

WWII Prisoner of War Postcard mailed from Stalag XX-A,

from John R. Heslop (#3632) to "Mme. E.P. Archard" in Zurich, Switz., including a request for her to contact his wife. Official Stalag XXA postcard with violet triangle censored hs, Jan. 1942 bridge dc ccl, this Stalag was located in Torun, Poland



146 -

Rijks Museum Book of Color Postcards,

(24) picture postcards of museum masterpieces ready to mail, in excellent condition with the tiniest of wear on front cover