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155 CV

65 3 ROSE,

Avg tied to reverse of Chas. Magnus Panorama of NASHVILLE scenic cachet, front w/"STEUBENVILLE, OHIO JUN 8" cds, apparently design no. 1, lgt stn at R edge; fantastic cvr, Wolcott no. W-691. Extremely scarce!



156 CV


VF, SE at R, tied to cvr w/WASHINGTON/D.C./NOV/2/1862" cds ccl, addr to "Mrs. Eliza Blivers (?)/East Otto/Cattaraugus County/NY." Patriotic cachet shows Lady Liberty & U.S. Patent office in a (2) panel MAGNUS multi-colored design. A very impressive & rare cachet (Wolcott no. W-656)



157 CV

279B, 283 2 Red & 10 Brn on 1902 Registered Cover,

F-VF, 2 UR ccr, somewhat heavy obliteration, pmk dbl oval or circle "BROWNSVILLE, TEX/APR/21/1902/REG.B" Reverse has (2) receiving mark, 3-line text "RECEIVED/APR 28 1902/CHICAGO, ILL" & 4 line "R(ECEIVED)/APR 28 1902/LOGAN SQUARE STATION/CHICAGO, ILL." Opened neatly at top, flap has red wax seal impressed w/"FIRST NATIONAL/BANK/-OF-/BROWNSVILLE/TEX". Condition is slightly dirty w/two spurious wax marks, flap has small tear and LL cnr & L side w/creases. Addresse is VIrgil W. Brand, president of Brand Brewing Company of Chicago and the founder of Chicago Coin Company in 1910 and possessor of about 350,000 coins, an extraordinary numismatist Cat($18)



158 CV

357 1 Grn, Bluish Paper,

F-VF, SE at R, tied to ppc w/April 1910 Tyler, TX duplex ccl. PPC depicts the new Longview, TX school building. Nice stamp & card Cat($175)



159 CV

499, 510 2 & 10 on 1918 Registered Cover,

F-VF, cvr has multiple auxiliary marking & (3) Registry numbers, stamps tied to cvr w/oval registered ccls, purple "Registered" hand-stamp at Top in middle, "CARD REQUESTED" stamp, "Refused...282" in pencil, and Pointing Finger "RETURNED/TO WRITER/FROM PHILADELPHIA,PA." Reverse has (3) pmks, (2) are dc cds "PHILADELPHIA, PA/AUG/7/1918/REGISTERED" and a dc cds "PHILADELPHIA (POINT BREEZE STA.)/AUG/8/1918/REGISTERED". Condition is good, has overall toning, stain spot on back, opened neatly at T, flap partly loose. Content is a form note on Penn. legal matters



160 CV

731a 3 Federal Building, Imperf Btm Mgn Sgl on Blue Cover w/red Century of Progress Exposition cachet,

XF, tied to cover w/"U.S. RY.POSTAL CAR EXHIBIT./CHICAGO, ILL./NOV/12/1933/11 PM" cds ccl w/(4) killer bars & tablet w/"CENTURY/OF/PROGRESS/EXPOSITION" inside killer bars. (Bomar's ccl cat. # C33-05A) Cover also w/red hs cachet "LAST DAY/CENTURY OF PROGRESS/EXPOSITION/CHICAGO/Nov. 12, 1933" plus (2) different train engines & a 4-line blurb below. Also, inclg a large sheet w/a detailed drawing of the layout of the Exposition w/the Graf Zeppelin flying above it, a biplane & several ships. Very nice



161 CV

735 3 National Stamp Exhibition Issue Part Pane/3 (top) on 1934 Emergency Army First Flight Cover,

tied to cvr w/cds duplex pmk "WASHINGTON/FEB19/12PM/D.C./1934", text cachet in alternating red & blue "FIRST FLIGHT ARMY/PLANE CARRYING/U.S.MAIL/WASHINGTON D.C." Addr in pencil & pnb. Referred to as the Air Mail Scandal, there were numerous crashes and death of Army airmen. Great exhibit collateral



162 CV

1278, 1283 1 Grn sgl & 5 Blue (7) on 1968 Special Delivery Cover,

stamps generally VF & w/unusual red, white & blue "SPECIAL/DELIVERY" label which depicts Snoopy speeding forward, dragging Linus behind him by his famous blanket (from the "Peanuts" cartoons by Charles Schulz), all w/Goleta, CA ccls & addr to Glendale, CA. Perfect for the "Peanuts" collector who has (almost) everything!



163 CV

1578a Event cover for 1990 Houston Economic Summit,

VF, Banking & Commerce pair along w/8 World Peace Through World Trade provide the franking & has Summit Station, July 9, 1990 pictorial ccl, handpainted Pugh "Flags" cachet, unaddr, sgnd & numbered (86/143); mint condition and includes insert Cat($16)



164 CV

2421 Martin Luther King Jr. event cvr commemorating his 61st birthday,

VF, 1989 Bill of Rights issue tied to cover w/special pictorial ccl featuring the Liberty Bell inscribed "MLK STATION/JAN./15/1990/ARLINGTON, TX 76010" and banner reading "1929/LET FREEDOM RING/MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR./1968"; red, blue & black cachet designed by Richard McMahan depicting MLK on a US flag along w/the Texas State flag and the Arlington City flag w/inscription "IN MEMORY OF:/Martin Luther King Jr./ONE LAND/ONE PEOPLE. Contents stuffer describes the event stating cover is a limited edition of not more than 5,000 of which 100 are sba, this one not sgnd



165 CV

3779 37 Old Glory Issue "Modern Hand Fan" on Super Bowl XXXVIII Souvenir Cover,

VF, tied to cvr w/special event ccl, dated January 23,2 004. Limited edition of 10,000 produced by the NFL. Nice football, sports, stadium, cities, etc. collateral material. This is the Super Bowl w/the notorious "wardrobe malfunction"



166 CV

C10 10 Dark Blue, Lindbergh Issue Pair on Registered Cover,

VF, ink script addr, tied to cvr w/(4) Santa Claus fancy ccl obliterations, (5) pmks on reverse consisting of (2) dc cds "DETROIT MICH./DEC/27/1930/REGISTERED", (2) dc cds "DETROIT (ROOSEVELT PK. STA.)MICH./DEC/27/1930/REGISTERED" and (1) dc cds "DETROIT(NEW FAIRFIELD STA.)MICH./DEC/29/1930/REGISTERED". Cover also franked w/(2) WX55 Christmas seals. Front has Lindbergh picture (similar to Mellone C10-10 "OUR HERO Photo) LL w/picture offset on reverse, also REGISTERED box w/#106 inscribed & a stamped #01495 above address. Other marks incl "DEC 29 1930/NOTIFIED" above stamps and "JAN 3 1930" above return address c/c. NOTE: return address indicates "SANTA CLAUS IND." A very curious cover



167 CV

C11 5 Airmail on 1929 Air Races Event cover,

Avg w/nat'l SE on L, tied to cvr w/cds pmk "AIRM AIL FIELD/AUG/28/10PM/1929/CLEVELAND, OHIO" w/Red HS "ARRIVAL OF GRAF ZEPPELIN/AND LOS ANGELES." Front also has Green HS of American Legion logo and text "AMERICAN LEGION DAY". Cachet is a copy of the poster advertising the show in Cleveland. Condition is very good to excellent w/a minor thin on flap. We don't believe the Graf Zeppelin landed in Cleveland since it was on its way to Lakehurst during its Around the World flight. It's unclear if the Los Angeles landed as well. Great document of this exciting and eventful period of aviation history.



168 CV

C11 5 Car & Blue, Air Mail Issue on CAM-25 FFC,

VF, blue shifted left, addr via hand-stamp, cachet Type 25 w/St. Petersburg FLA, Dec 14, 1929 inscription. Cds pmk "SAINT PETERSBURG/DEC 14/1230PM/1929/FLA." and wavy line killer. Condition is very good w/small ink spots; pencil note on front, edges & cnrs show a little wear and creases. Reverse has rubber stamp pictorial cachet of pelican, airplane and sailboat w/text "THE SUNSHINE CITY/FIRST AIR MAIL C.A.M.25/PIPER-FULLER FIELD/ST. PETERSBURG, FLA."



169 CV

C20 25 Blue, Trans-pacific Issue, Honolulu to Guam First Flight Cover (FFC),

F-VF, type written address, stamp tied to cvr by cds pmk "HONOLULU/NOV/5AM/24/1935/HAWAII". Receiving mark on back is cds "GUAM/NOV/27/3PM/1935/GUAM". Cover is AAMC F14-2a w/cachet type F14a. Condition is very good w/a slight overall tng, small ccr's in(3) corners and tiny stray marks & npi. Has erased pencil marks UL. Less than (6,500) pieces were carried to Guam from Honolulu, great item for an Airpost collection



170 CV

C20 25 Trans-Pacific, Honolulu to San Francisco FFC,

F-VF, tied to cvr w/pmk cds "HONOLULU, HAWAII/DEC 5/2-PM/1935 & wavy line killer, AAMC #F14-3 w/appropriate purple First Flight cachet addr to U.S. Embassy in Madrid, Spain w/return address of Fort Shafter in Honolulu. Reverse has two pmks, a cds "SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF/DEC6/1930PM/1935" w/text box killer and 2nd an almost completely indistinct pmk except for year - 1935. Very interesting usage! Opened neatly at Top, small tear in middle at T and a little toned



171 CV

J99 50 1959 Postage Due on Treasury Department, Bureau of Customs, Official Business envelope,

F-VF, used, no date, but presumably after 1968 possibly through 1976. No other instructions given or duty amount



172 CV

U3 3 Red, Postal Envelope Entire, Texas Usage,

XF w/ms ccl; cover also w/red "LAGRANGE/Txs./JAN/12" cds ccl, 1854 usage. Addr to "Wm. D. Thomson Esq/Nashville/Texas" Cat($120)



173 CV

U219 3 Green Entire, Centennial Exposition Issue,

VF, neat script addr to Lebanon, Pa., pmk duplex "PHILADELPHIA/SEP/4/3PM/PA." Condition is very good, neatly opened at R, a bit of tng along top edge and couple smudges and stains on the back Cat($40)



174 CV

U385 2 Carmine on Baronial Style envelope,

VF, addr in fancy ink script to a Miss Wells in Peconic, Long Island, New York, USA. Pmk is cds (duplex) "CAYEY/AUG/2/1903/9PM/P.R." Mark on back is cds "SAN JUAN,P.R./AUG3/830AM/1903/REC'D." Condition is fair, has some stains, roughly opened at L resulting in a torn flap and a 1" tear on front at top and an inch tear at L. We believe this is scarce usage.



175 CV

WWII Censored Cover w/"FREE" Postage,

pmk cds "U.S./Oct/15/1942/NAVY" w/3-bar text killer "MARINE/UNIT 370" return addr indicates writer was in Unit 605. Circle handstamp in LL cnr w/"PASSED BY NAVAL CENSOR" and initialed "HLR". For condition opened neatly at btm, stained by the censor stamp, UL cnr creased and there is a lgt overall toning