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141 -

1841 Stampless Folded Letter,

w/blue town ccl "PHILADELPHIA/DEC/11/PA.", script addr to New York, reverse has chart of the correspondence disposition, condition is faulty, w/a tear part way along one fold and some paper loss where the wax seal was "ripped" off



142 CV

77 15˘ Black,

F-VF, tied to cover to Paris, France w/unidentified fancy ccl plus red "NEW YORK/PAID/12/DEC/29" cds ccl. Also w/black "DANIEL ST AMANT/NY/29/DEC/1866" dc ccl, red boxed "PD" hs & French octagonal ccl, plus ms "Steamer St Laurent" at UL. Addressee's name & street no. clipped out, stamp w/1˝mm tr at UL, o/w nice Cat($260)



143 CV

206 1˘ Gray Blue on campaign ad cover,

F-VF, addr to "Mr. J.D. Smith/TURNERS(?)/NY", cachet is 1876 Presidential Election Democratic Candidates Campaign for Samuel Tilden (Presidential candidate) and Thomas Hendricks (VIce-Presidential candidate) w/Eagle and slogan "1876 REFORM". Tilden received a majority of the popular vote but was "negotiated" out of some Electoral Colleges votes and lost. "T" ccl, very roughly opened at R w/lgt soiling and staining, still a very interesting political history item



144 CV

279Bg 2˘ Pink on all-over advertising cover,

F-VF w/flts, tied to cvr w/Barry machine oval ccl "MILWAUKEE,WIS/JUL12/1230PM/1898". Advertisting cachet in blue for the "GLOBE HOTEL" and the "WISCONSIN STATE SEMI-CENTENNIAL/CELEBRATION MILWAUKEE JUNE 27th-JULY 2nd 1898" addr in pencil to Brenham, Texas. Reverse has duplex receiving pmk cds "BRENHAM,TEX./400PM/JUL14/98". Cachet depicts celebration festivities of horse-drawn parade floats and sailing ship regatta in Lake Michigan. Cover opened on R side w/T & btm partially open as well. Content is letter written in pencil on Globe Hotel stationery in German dated July 12, 1898. Condition is good, slightly "dirty", some sm stns on back and a few pencil notations, still a great historical cover. (N.B. - The Globe was built by the Schlitz Brewing Company)



145 CV

375, E7 2˘ Car & 10˘ Special Delivery on commercial cvr,

VF, tied to cvr w/cds "PHILLIP..../AUG/2/P.M./1911/N..." (we believe its Phillipsport, NY.), opened roughly at L (part envelope missing), addr to "MRS. W.H. CARVELL/30 SUSSEX ST./HACKENSACK/NEW JERSEY". Reverse has (2) receiving marks; one "NEW YORK, N.Y. REC'D/AUG2/9PM/1911/GRAND CENTRAL STA. RR DIV." and two duplex pmk's - "HACKENSACK/AUG3/7A.M./"N.J."/1911". Condition incls rough opening at L, slightly dirty at T edge and colored pencil marks (initials & graph-partly erased on front & stick man on reverse) Cat($400)



146 CV

635a 3˘ Bright Violet 1934 Lincoln Day Event Cover,

F-VF, hand scribed ink addr, tied to cover w/cds "NEW YORK/FEB12/11AM/1934/N.Y." and boxed "NATIONAL STAMP/EXHIBITION STA." and 7 bar killer. Purple rubber stamp event cachet of New York skyline and text "NATIONAL/STAMP/EXHIBITION/1934/SPONSORED BY/NEW YORK AMERICAN", and "LINCOLN DAY/FEB. 12th" under pictorial. All this on Leo August cacheted envelope for Byrd Imperforate stamp (no. 735a)



147 CV

799-802 3˘ Territorial Series Combination cover,

F-VF, typed addr (very neat) w/F.R. Rice cachet (Mellone 799//802-12b), pmk cds "WASHINGTON/DEC/16/8:30PM/1937/D.C." w/4-bar killer (Virgin Island's 2nd Day). Cover in excellent condition, slight overall tng & HR on back Cat($80)



148 CV

926 3˘ 50th Anniversary of Motion Pictures Issue FDR Date of Death Event Cover,

VF, unaddr, w/unattributed cachet of FDR portrait & text in black "TO THE MEMORY OF/FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT/PRESIDENT AND PHILATELIST". Stamp tied to cvr with pmk cds "DETROIT,MICH.4/APR12/11-PM/1945". Condition very good, sm stn on front at btm, trivial ink offset marks and pnb. Slight overall toning. Great historical item



149 CV

1475 8˘ Love, Valentine's Day 1978 Event Covers (4),

F-VF, unaddr w/Fleetwood cachets of romantic scenes & Elizabeth Barrett Browning quotes; all pmk w/cds on FEB/14/1978 from (4) different cities; (1) LOVEJOY, GA (2) LOVEJOY, IL (3) LOVELAND, CO & (4) LOVELAND, OH. Nice thematic item



150 CV

1938 18˘ Battle of the Virginia Capes Bicentennial Issue Event Cover,

F-VF tied to cvr w/cds "NEWPORT NEWS, Va./OCT 31/AM/1981", (FDOI was 10-16-81), unaddr, w/c/c of Logo & Text "NORFOLK/SSN714 and cachet text "LAUNCHING OCTOBER 31, 1981/NEWPORT NEWS SHIPBUILDING/NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA." Pmk killer is text box w/"CHRISTENING OF/THE USS/NORFOLK" & 7 bars. Reverse has Newport News Shipbuilding & TENNECO logo on flap. Stuffer included w/vessel statistics



151 CV

2475, 1189 25˘ Flag (plastic) & 4˘ Naismith Issue Combo Event Cover,

VF, unaddr, w/Wild Horse cachets (Warren R. Reed) add-on hand-painted overall multi-color cachet of Larry BIrd & Magic Johnson based on Sports Illustrated Cover of Dec. 14, 1992. Signed & numbered 40/55, beautiful, colorful sports topical



152 CV

3777 37˘ Old Glory Issue (no. 1888 Badge) on Bush/Cheney Inauguration Event Cover,

complete 2005 USPS Inaugural Keepsake Cover & Old Glory bklt (BK294), w/"cut down" original packaging. Pristine condition, cv for bklt is $15.00, face $7.40



153 CV

C10, 643 10˘ Lindbergh Airmail on special event cover w/2˘ Vermont Sesquicentennial on reverse,

F-VF stamps, journey starts on reverse w/2˘ tied to cvr w/cds "BOSTON, MASS.A/MAR3/7AM/1928" and pictorial killer "AIRMAIL/SAVES TIME" w/BI-PLANE. Addr to "LIEUT. HARRY JOHNSON/BOSTON AIRPORT/BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS." Lt. Johnson, along with Lt. Albert Hegenberger, were the pilots of the airplane transporting Evangeline Lindbergh (Charles' mother) from Detroit to Boston & return for her attendance at the 1928 NEA Convention in Boston. Corner card on front is a hand stamp "CARRIED BY LIEUTS./HEGENBERGER & JOHNSON/MRS. E.L. LINDBERGH, PASSENGER/MARCH 3, 1928." and sgnd "ALBERT F. HEGENBERGER" (both Hegenberger & Johnson later became Major Generals in the Air Force). The C10 is tied to cvr w/cds "MOUNT CLEMENS/MAR5/4:30PM/1928/MICH." and wavy line killer. Addr to "MR. HENRY PRAGOFF" in Boston (who presumably sent it to Lt. Johnson on the 3rd). Receiving mark on reverse is cds "BOSTON, MASS./MAR7/1030AM/1928/G.P.O. AIRMAIL". Wonderful Lindbergh material and just a terrific piece of airmail postal history



154 CV

C13 65˘ Graf Zepp, RS Vert Pair w/Pl no. 20080,

F-VF, tied to Lakehurst to Friedrichshafen flight cover w/May 21, 1930 Lakehurst, NJ machine ccl (Sieger #64.G, cv € 650 approx $760). Btm stamp also w/seldom seen straightline "LAKEHURST, N.J." ccl. Excellent violet U.S. hs cachet & red German cachet. Back w/Friedrichshafen receiving ccl & green NY Zeppelin receiving ccl. Clean fresh cover



155 CV

AEF WWI Postcards (2),

(1) American Red Cross franked w/2˘ Rose Red (#425) pmk cds "BUFFALO/MAR30/6:30PM/1918/N.Y." & wavy line ccl. (2) YMCA unfranked w/pmk "U.S. ARMY POST OFFICE/APR/27/1918/..." w/2nd mark a dc "A.E.F. PASSED/...." (probably a censor stamp). On reverse, message has a date of APRIL 24, 1918. Both postcards from same individual a part of the "Medical Casuals".