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139 cCV

352 1 Grn, Perf 12 Vert on PPC,

dated 7-26-10. Lewiston (ME) Trust & Safe Deposit Co w/August calendar and a ditty about the importance of saving! F-VF, 2013 APS cert Cat($350)



140 CV

557 3 Blue Pair on carrier cover for 2nd 1931 Zeppelin Flight to South America,

Fine, addr "TO THE/POSTMASTER GENERAL/FRIEDRICHSAFEN-BODENSEE"/"GERMANY" in LL. Airmail envelope w/inscription "to New York" under "VIA AIR MAIL" logo. Pmk is cds "CHICAGO, ILL./AUG 13/1931/AIRMAIL" w/wavy line killer; reverse is blank. Cover carrying airmail to Friedrichshafen for posting on 18 September flight of the Graf Zeppelin (LZ-127) to Recife, Brazil. Rarer than Zeppelin in flown mail



141 CV

632, 720 (2) Naval Covers of U.S.S. Constitution ("Old Ironside"), 1933-34 Tour of U.S. Ports,

cover 1 is for 1st West Coast Port of Call at San Diego, Cover 2 is for 1st East Coast Port of Call at St. Petersburg, Fla on the return voyage. Cover 1 pmk is "U.S.Frigate/JAN/28/1933/CONSTITUTION" w/3-bar killer and "SAN DIEGO/CALIFORNIA" in between. Franking is pair #632 Yellow Green Franklin. Cover 2 pmk is "U.S.FRIGATE/APR/18/1934/CONSTITUTION" w/3-bar killer and "ST. PETERS/BURG,FLA." in between. Franking is 2 Washington #720. Cachets are (1) black rubber stamp & (2) blue rubber stamp. Cover (2) sgnd by W.C.Lobdell/USS Grebe, who was the Grebe's mail clerk. Great items for navel cover collector and very interesting for any colleciton



142 CV

899-900 1 & 2 National Defense Issues on USF Constellation Naval Cover,

issued to commemorate the 143rd anniversary of the Constellation's victory over the French frigate INSURGENTE; and the First Day of Post Office on the ship. VF, w/neat type written addr, cachet highly detailed image of the Frigate w/side ribbons stating "RELIEF/FLAGSHIP/OF THE/CMDR/CHIEF" on left & "UNITED/STATES/ATLANTIC/FLEET" on right. Three "pmk's" on front (1) cds "U.S.S./FEB/9/1942/CONSTELLATION" w/thick 3-bar killer over franking; (2) circle w/"U.S. FRIGATE/COMMEMORATING/FIRST DAY/OF/POST OFFICE/CONSTELLATION", (3) "PASSED BY NAVAL/CENSOR" & initialed. Cover lightly tnd w/sm creases, on reverse flap is wrinkled and there is a tear (but not detracting really). Includes stuffer w/details of issue by Navy; about 650 issued



143 CV

1016 3 Red Cross Issue Pair on First U.S. Flying Boat Jet Aircraft Flight,

VF, unaddr, Convair printed cachet "FIRST FLIGHT/OF THE/CONVAIR XF2Y-1" and pmk "SAN DIEGO CALIF/APR 9/1953/NAVAL AIR STATION (BR?)". The XF2Y-1 was called the "Sea Dart" and was the only flying boat to use delta wings & retractable hydro-skis. Very interesting cover. Cover is #760 in the "U.S. SOUVENIR HISTORICAL FLIGHTS" section of AAMC



144 CV

1519 10 50 Star & 13 Star Flag Issue on Event cover,

VF, unaddr w/Newport News ship building cachet for carrier Carl Vinson keel laying and carrier Dwight Eisenhower launch, cover pristine w/pmk cds "NEWPORT NEWS, VA/OCT 11/1975/23607" w/"CHRISTENING/OF THE U.S.S./DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER" text killer. Stuffer included w/carrier specifications



145 CV

1938 18 Battle of the Virginia Capes Bicentennial Issue Event Cover,

VF, unaddr, w/Newport News Shipbuilding Logo cachet & text "NORFOLK/SSN 714/Launching October 31, 1981/Newport News Shipbuilding/Newport News, Virginia"; contains stuffer w/sub's specifications. Great ships topical collateral material. Pmk cds "NEWPORT NEWS, VA. 236/OCT31/1981" w/text killer "CHRISTENING OF/THE USS/NORFOLK"



146 CV

C11 5 Beacon on Rocky Mountains Issue on FFC,

VF for frame, has blue mis-registration of about 1.5mm L, First Flight from St. Louis to Omaha w/the first flight cachet in black hand-stamp, pmk is "SAINT LOUIS, MO.IL/MAY1/1929" with Bi-plane pictorial killer. Corner card is "BOCK'S BOXS CLUB/218N.GARFIELD AVE./PEORIA,ILL." w/signature "A.J. MICHENER" under c/c, reverse has duplex ccl "PEORIA/MAY2/ILL/1929" date inverted. Cover has gum tng



147 CV

C13 65 Green, Graf Zeppelin Issue on color PPC,

F-VF, addr, pmk duplex "HEMPSTEAD/MAY 31/1930/N.Y." has U.S. magenta cachet on front along w/red cachet "SUDAMERIKA FAHRT 1930" card has receiving mark on front "FRIEDRICHSHAFEN/6630/(BODENSEE)"; Cat($160)



148 CV

C17 8 Olive Bister on U.S.S. Macon Event cover,

F-VF, for the Christening of the U.S.S. Macon on March 11, 1933, pmk machine cds "AKRON/MAR 11/1933/OHIO" w/Blue stripes at T & Btm and stars in between, red & blue striped border at L & R; reverse has pmk ink offset & a tiny smudge on front o/w excellent condition



149 CV

C25 Naval cover from end of WWII,

F-VF, addr w/black printed cachet of the USS BON HOMME RICHARD/SEPTEMBER 1945" w/pictorial of ship & Mount Fuji surrounded by clouds; cachet sgnd by J. ROBERTS; pmk is lg cds "U.S./SEP/26/1945/NAVY" w/4-bar killer; addr is to "Mr. F LOWE WILLIS" & return addr is "COMDR HARRY THORNTON, SCN8MR/USS BON HOMME RICHARD CV-31/c/o F.P.O. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL." Cover slightly "dirty" w/stained edge above stamp and other small spots front & back, neatly opened at L & not disturbing the cachet & has small cnr tr at UR. Truly a nice piece for any collection



150 CV

C76 10 First Man on the Moon Issue Commercial Event Cover,

stamp is miscut oddity w/partial "UNITED STATES" on left, event is the DC-10 First Flight (very first) on which cover & contents were flown. Pmk is cds "EDWARDS....,/AUG29/1970/93523". Cachet is text w/"First/flight/of the DC-10" in rectangular box w/picture of DC-10 in air to the R of the box. Letter is enclosed explaining cover history and auto-sgnd by (2) McDonnell Douglas executives. Cover addressed to "Mr. J.L. Ketelsen/President/JI.Case Co./700 State St./Racine, WI 53404" who later became President & CEO of Tenneco. Nice collateral material for Technology, Aircraft, Air Post, etc. topical & nice piece of EFO for air mail collection



151 CV

National Cash Register (NCR) Postage Meter Cover,

U.S. Postage Meter Stamp Cat. #EC3 on stiff 6" x 10" lgt brn advertising cover. Dark yellow meter label w/Nov. 7, 1951 date from meter #1315 in San Francisco, CA. Cover w/red & black advertising on front from Standard Travel Information Service. Advertising on back in four colors from Standard Stations, Inc. Chevron Gas Station RPM Motor Oil & Chevron Supreme Gasoline. Also w/front & back violet straightline "FIRST CLASS MAIL" postal hs



152 CV

Pitney Bowes 1939 Postage Meter Advertising Cover,

U.S. Postage Meter Stamp Catalog #DF7 variety (formerly #DF3.4 variety) similar to #DF7j, postal meter #57032 from Wells Fargo Bank & Union Trust Co. The 2 meter w/dc ccl "SAN FRANCISCO/CALIF./NOV 30/8 PM/1939" both in red. To L of dc ccl in same red ink, is an advertising design reminiscent of the 1861-64 Local stamps (#143L1-5, 7-9) showing a Pony Express rider w"PONY EXPRESS" at T & "1860-61/WELLS FARGO & CO." at btm. Clean & nice w/original inserts



153 (*)

U661 $16.25 Marine One Express Mail Envelope, Complete Unopened Pack/3,

XF Mint, on the reverse each has a large picture of Darth Vader, Yoda or Obi-wan Kenobi from Star Wars Cat($99)



154 CV

UX27 1 Grn, uprated by 89 for Zeppelin flight from Los Angeles to Lakehurst,

VF, addr to Portland, Oregon, w/(4) duplex Los Angeles pmks "AUG 26/1929"; has the Los Angeles purple double lined handstamp, Lakehurst Receiving Stamp is applied to front of card reading "LAKEHURST, N.J./AUG 29/1929" with Zeppelin Pictorial & "GRAF ZEPPELIN/ROUND-THE-WORLD/FLIGHT". Hand printed notation LL "LOS ANGELES to FREDERICHSHAFEN/VIA GERMAN AIRSHIP L.Z.127". There are no German related markings indicating card was off loaded at Lakehurst. Very interesting card



155 CV

Zeppelin Flight Cover For Z-72 "Round the World Flight" Lakehurst to Lakehurst,

franked w/557 (1), 567 (5), 568 (4), & (3) #570 totaling $3.55 postage for flight; airmail protocol label "MIT LUFTPOST" in UL cnr. Pmk duplex is "LAKEHURST/AUG/7/1929/N.J." Airmail envelope w/"by LZ127/LAKEHURST to LAKEHURST" under VIA AIR MAIL inscription. Lakehurst receiving mark on reverse, cds "LAKEHURST, N.J./AUG 29/1929" w/Zeppelin pictorial "GRAF ZEPPELIN/ROUND-THE-WORLD/FLIGHT." Couple lgt pnb's; very interesting cover