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134 CV

644 2 Gen. Burgoyne's Campaigns on FDC,

F-VF, tied to green-on-green FDC with Utica, NY FDOI ccl, A.E. Gorham cachet (Mell. #644-6) with Capitol dome and wreath, neatly typed address cv($75)



135 CV

717 2 Arbor Day, Blk/4 on FDC,

Fine-Avg, w/Nebraska City, NE FDOI ccl & red and green H. Ioor cachet (Mell. #717-1) & ms addr.



136 CV

724 3 Violet William Penn FDC,

stamp VF, w/1st Delaware City Chamber of Commerce cachet - violet rubberstamp (by Wm. L. Gibson)



137 CV

725 3 Daniel Webster on FDC,

F-VF, w/Exeter, NH FDOI ccl & w/1st Exeter Chamber of Commerce cachet (Mell. #725-24), ms addr, clean & nice!



138 CV

775 3 Michigan Centenary on FDC,

F-VF, neat typed address, Lansing Chamber of Commerce orange and blue cachet, pmk is large cds "LANSING,/NOV./1/9AM/1935/MICH." Dual strikes on reverse "THE CAPITAL OF MICHIGAN - THE HUB OF INDUSTRY/NOV./1/1935 - FIRST/DAY/COFC." with capital building image. Condition is very good; edges and corners (small crease lower left) still sharp, an overall toning with slight gum toning on back. An out-of-ordinary FDC; also franked with #773 (California Pacific Exposition) cv($30)



139 CV

786, 791, 803, 807 Miscellaneous Army/Navy and Prexie FDC's,

2 Army and 2 Navy are pairs tied to cover with cds "WASHINGTON/JAN15/8AM/1937/D.C., cover addressed and without cachets, good condition with slight gum toning and a crease in the middle top to bottom (as if folded). No. 803 () has Fidelity cachet (Mellone 803-34-6b), is addressed in ink; no. 805 (1) has first Downtown Stamp Co. cachet (Mellone 805-107) and with ink address. Both 803 and 805 cover in very good condition, minor gum toning and small ink spots cv($30)



140 CV

795 3 Ordinance of 1787 on FDC,

VF, neat typed address, F.R. Rice cachet (Mellone no. 795-16), postmark is New York FDOI cancel, condition is Very Good to Excellent with very minor crease along top cv($24)



141 CV

798 3 Constitution on FDC,

F-VF, typed address (slightly smeared), F.R. Rice cachet (Mellone no. 798-49). Postmark cds Philadelphia, PA FDOI cancel. Condition is very good to exellent with couple stray ink marks and cachet offset on back. Pencil notation about stuffer (F.R. Rice ad probably) cv($27)



142 CV

835 3 150th Anniversary of the Ratificvion of the Constitution on FDC,

F-VF, pencil address, with H. Ioor cachet (Mell. 835-42c-Lilac and Olive Green). In addition, the first cachet for Pennsylvania Constitution Commemoration Committee (Mell. 835-67b-Violet Rubberstamp). Condition is very good with violet ink set off around the front cachet from back cachet cv($15)



143 CV

836 3 Swedes and Finns on FDC,

F-VF, neat typed address, F.R. Rice cachet (Mellone no. 836-30), Wilmington Del. FDOI postmark. Condition is excellent, stray cancel marks on back cv($45)



144 CV

906 5 Chinese Resistance Issue on FDC,

VF, erased address, cachet by John Coulthard (Mellone 906-4), condition Very Good, slight overall toning, couple tiny stray ink dots and corner crease at upper left. Seldom seen cachet cv($60)



145 CV

923 3 "S.S. Savannah" Steamship Issue, (2) FDC's,

both XF, each w/Capt. Crosby photocachet (Mell. #923-23 & 26) from both official FDOI locvions: Kings Point, NY & Savannah, GA. Both w/neatly typed addr cv($160)



146 CV

924 3 Telegraph Centennial, (2) FDC's,

VF, both FDOI locvions: Wash., D.C. & Baltimore, MD. Each w/Capt. Crosby photo cachets (Mell #924-20 & 28) & neat typed addr cv($144)



147 CV

1360 6 Cherokee Strip on FDC,

VF-XF w/1st Ponca City (OK) Chamber of Commerce cachet (Mell. #1360-20), unaddr, clean & nice!



148 CV

1430a 8 Wildlife Conservation Block of 4 on First Day Ceremony Program with signatures,

F-VF, with Avery Island, LA FDOI ccl and with signatures of all program dignitaries (6), plus the local postmistress and a member of the USPS Board of Governors and former Exxon CEO Myron Wright. Includes Edmund McIlhenny of the McIlhenny (Tabasco) Company, Clark Hoffpour - Director of Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, Dr. Elvis Stahr - President of National Audubon Society, the Honorable James Hargrove - Asst. Postmaster General and then Ambassador to Australia, Rev. Elmer Boykin, Rev. Raymond Robitaille, Mrs. Nola Romero (New Iberia Postmistress) and Myron Arnold. Condition is very good with small staining on top edge of front cover



149 CV

1473 8 Pharmacy on FDC,

VF with gold and black Geigy Pharmaceuticals first cachet (Mell. #1473-G), unaddressed cv($25)



150 CV

1499 8 Harry S. Truman on FDC (2) and (1) Event cover,

VF, unaddressed, (1) Artcraft cachet, (2) 1st cachet (and only) for Truman Commemorative Stamp Committee - both May 8, 1993 FDOI ccl, (3) pmk dc cds special cancel "KANSAS CITY MISSOURI/JUNE 19/1973/USPS//OPENING DAY/ISSUE" with kicking donkey pictorial ccl and text "THE SHOW ME PHILATELIC CENTER". Cachet is photo of the statue "The Scout" in a park overlooking the city cv($13)



151 CV

1571 10 International Women's Year Issue FDC, Set of (9),

VF, unaddressed with better Fleetwood cachets of member selected women for depiction (8) and (1) "Standard" Fleetwood. FDOI pmk "Seneca Falls, NY/AUG/26/1975", very clean cv($18)



152 CV

2131 PNC 11 Dark Grn, Stutz Bearcv Definitive FDC w/double pmk,

VF, unaddr w/full front, allover premium HAM cachet (#194) sgnd, numbered 57/270, Pl No. 4 stp/3 and a pair, pristine condition has Baton Rouge, LA FDOI ccl & "CARVILLE, LA/JUN/n/1985/USPO" pmk (about 25mi South of Baton Rouge). Franking incls PNS/3 Pl #4, a scarce no. cv($175)



153 CV

2370 22 Australia Bicentennial on FDC (2),

F-VF, addressed via mailing label, USPS product without cachet and in original packaging, one is single cancel on U.S. stamp and two is dual U.S. and Australia cancels. Condition is pristine



154 CV

2372-75a 22 1988 cvs Issue on FDC, Set of (10),

VF-XF, unaddressed with Artcraft cachets (5) and Fleetwood cachets (5) designed by Don Balke, very clean cv($37)



155 CV

2381-85 25 Classic Automobiles First Day Maxi-cards,

VF, published by USPS, very nice renditions of these classic cars. Very clean and unaddr cv($8)



156 CV

2443,2257 15 Beach Umbrella on FDC, also 10 Canal Boat,

VF, unaddressed with full front multi-color beach scene cachet by "COVER SCAPE CACHETS" (Dave Lipof), signed on flap, no. 36/100, pmk "SARASOTA, FL/FEB/3/1990/34230", the FDOI. Condition is very good with minor paint splotches and stains on back



157 CV

2518 (29) "F" Rate Plate No. Pair #1111 on FDC,

VF, unaddr, premium Fleetwood cachet w/art by DaMei & Wen Lin, near pristine condition w/very small smudge LR. Washington, D.C. FDOI ccl cv($20)



158 CV

2525 29 Tulip Issue, Plate No. Pair #S1111 on FDC,

VF, unaddr, premium Fleetwood cachet, art by Liu Dun, pristine condition, Rochester, NY FDOI ccl cv($15)



159 CV

2648-49 29 Wildflowers (Fragrant Water Lily annd Meadow Beauty) on FDC,

VF, unaddressed, HAM hand-painted cachet (#363), signed HAM, number 105/154, pristine condition, postmark is double circle circular date stamp "COLUMBUS, OH 43216/JUL/24/1992/USPS" cv($30)



160 CV

2650, 2660 29 Wildflowers (Jack-in-the-Pulpit and Claret Cup Cactus, on FDC,

VF, unaddressed, HAM hand-painted cachet (#361), signed HAM, number 88/153, excellent condition with small stray spots and very minor gum toning, fancy pictorial 1st day cancel at Wildflower Stamp Station cv($30)



161 CV

2651, 2662 29 Wildflowers (California Poppy and Sessile Bellwort) on FDC,

VF, unaddressed, HAM hand-painted cachet (#362), signed Ham, number 96/164, near pristine condition with small ink spot on front. Postmark is pictorial fancy cancel from 1992 A.F.D.C.S. convention cv($30)



162 CV

2655-5, 2665-6 29 Wildflowers Blk/4 on FDC,

VF, unaddressed, HAM hand-painted cachet (#364), signed Ham, number 99/153, pristine condition, postmark circular date stamp 'COLUMBUS,OH/JUL/24/1992/43216" cv($60)



163 CV

2663-4 29 Wildflowers (Blue Flag and Harlequin Lupine) on FDC,

VF, unaddressed, HAM hand-painted cachet (#360), signed Ham and Wendy, number 114/154, postmark is pictorial fancy cancel from 1992 A.F.D.C.S. convention. Pristine condition cv($30)



164 CV


F-VF, tied to airmail cover w/Oct. 2, 1933 NY FDOI machine ccl, flown from Friedrichshafen to Miami, FL (Sieger cv. no. 241.C, cv 750 @ $1025). Clean, fresh cover w/all appropriate markings



165 CV

C112a 35 Olympics 84 Blk/4 on FDC,

VF, w/Pugh cachet, unaddr, sgnd & numbered (35/42), pristine condition w/insert cv($90)



166 CV

1846//2248, C109-112a, U605//UXC4 FDOI Collection of about (60) 1983-87 FDC's,

all unaddressed, with better Fleetwood cachets, very clean; mounted in repurposed Fleetwood binder (with "Birds & Flowers" issue imprint) cv($163)



167 CV

2130a//2371 U.S. 1987-88 FDC Collection, Definitives and Commemoratives (26),

VF, all unaddressed with (25) Gamm cachets and (1) House of Farnam, (18) different issues with duplicves of #2182 (?). Nice group with great cachets cv($85)



168 CV

2147//UC61 Collection of (14) FDC's on large envelopes for Souvenir Sheet, Booklet Panes and long strips,

(1) addressed and rest unaddressed, most (9) are Fleetwood cachet and descriptions, (2) are duplicved (2559 & 2577a), also includes First Day Ceremony programs for Issue 2 Flags of Our Nation (4283-92) and Buffalo Soldiers (#2818), but not counted because previous owner cut it apart to mount. Issues included are 2147, 2274a, 2559, 2577a, 2697, 2765, 3139-40, 4283-92, C38 and UC61. Most covers are in excellent condition, C38 has heavily toned edges and 2147 has a few small stains on front. ECV $95