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123 CV

231 2 Columbian on commercial cover,

F-VF, neat script addr, tied to cvr w/"SEDALIA & DENISON/TR/APR/6/1893/R.P.O." back stamp "SCHUYLER/APR/7/1893/NEB". Condition very good, lightly soiled, neatly opened at T & w/pencil notes on back



124 CV

733 3 Byrd Expedition II, tied to Little America, Antarctica cover,

F-VF tied to legal-sized, cacheted cover w/"LITTLE AMERICA/ANTARCTICA/JAN 30/12-M/1935" Ty VI machine ccl. Navy blue cachet of Adm. Richard E. Byrd at L & w/black expedition hs cachet w/two penguins and 4-line blurb, Ty I. Reverse w/March 25, 1935 San Francisco receiving ccl



125 CV

811, 820, 829 & 831 6//50 Prexies (6) on Earle M. Jorgensen Steel Shipping Tag,

F-VF, Used Cat($31)



126 CV

901, E15 3 National Defense (2) & 10 Special Delivery on WWII Era cvr,

#901 Fine & E15 VF, tied to cvr w/pmk cds "SEWARD, ALASKA/SEP 6/10AM/1941", addr in pencil with "AIR-MAIL" notation under postage w/the (2) #901 paying the air fee. Back stamp pmk is cds "SEATTLE, WASH./SEP/11/1941/"indistinct wording". Return addr indicates a "PVT. BROCHES/BTRY. A/205 C.A./SEWARD, ALASKA". C.A. stands for Coastal Artillery & 205 is the Washington State National Guard CA sent to Seward to prepare for WWII. NO censor marks - letter prior to start of war. Cachet by Crosby similar to his Alaska Territorial cachet (Mellone 80-48a) but w/inscription "GREETINGS FROM/YAKUTAT, ALASKA/1941"



127 CV

1370a 10 Apollo Soyuz Space Issue Pair on event cover,

F-VF, addr, no cachet, UR cnr pr w/(2) pl no's tied to cvr w/pictorial pmk cds "HOUSTON,TX 77013/APOLLO SOYUZ/LINK-UP/JULY 17, 1975". Addressee is "SATRA BELARUS, INC" in Milwaukee and was importer and distributor of Belarus tractors. SATRA is an acronym for "SOVIET AMERICA TRADE ASSOCIATION". Cover in very good condition w/clean front, but offset pmk on reverse. Nice pmk strike on the back; interesting cover



128 CV

C2 16 Grn,

VF, tied to cnr card advertising no. 10 cover w/a "AIR MAIL SERVICE WASH. N.Y. PHILA/WASHINGTON/JUL/15/1918" cds ccl. This was the first day of the new 16 air mail postage rate. Corner advertising "Aero Club of America/297 Madison Avenue/New York City." Enclosed letter from the famous and notorious Henry Woodhouse thanking John H. Hammond, Jr."...for the wonderful work which you have done for the building of our Air Forces." AAMC cat. no. RC-3 Cat($800)



129 CV

C23 6 Dark Blue & Car on National AIrmail Week cover,

VF, ink script addr w/slight smear, purple Glencoe ILLINOIS cachet, stamp tied to cvr by duplex pmk w/cds "GLENCOE/MAY19/230PM/1933/ILL". Cover sgnd by "DECOURCY LLOYD/POSTMASTER". Content is an official (U.S. Government Printing Office) National Airmail Week Poster w/a message on reverse to addressee. Return addr on back flap. Cover in very good condition, is slightly tnd overall, and has gum tng, opened "neatly" at R (though LR cnr now has cr). Poster in excellent condition w/minor tng from the envelope. Fabulous piece for an airmail exhibit



130 CV

U411 2 Car, Die I, Advertising Cover, VF, w/cornercard advert from Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co. of Richmond, VA Sept. 5, 1913 ccl. Reverse w/red all-over advertisement for the Virginia State Fair to be held in Richmond Oct. 6-11, 1913, inclg (2) fair scenes. Cover opened roughly at R w/tr at btm



131 CV

10 Rattlesnake Island Local Post Mail on US #U550 5 Eagle Stamped Envelope Entire,

10 Green & Black triangle stamp ccld w/blue diamond Local Post ccl, 1967 usage. Envelope w/Port Clinton, OH machine ccl. Also, w/red airplane Local Post hs at LR. Clean and fresh