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May 15, 2024

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Opening Bid 5/26/24





129 CV

934 3 Army on FDC,

F-VF, with Artcraft engraved cachet (Mell. #934-11), neatly erased address cv ($11)



130 CV

C24 30 Dull Blue on FDC,

F-VF, with red and blue J.G.Holland cachet (Mell #C24-24b), neat pencil address, clean and fresh! cv ($50)



131 CV

C25a 6 Air Mail, Booklet Pane of 3 on FDC,

F-VF, unaddressed, C.S. Anderson cachet (Mell. #C25a-2), condition is very good, but has stain on front (possibly adhesive), pencil notes on reverse and "Curhan Stamp Co." rubber stamp return address on flap; also very minor corner "dings". Advertising insert enclosed cv ($22)



132 CV

C45 6 Wright Brothers on FDC,

VF, addressed in ink, neatly printed, cachet by CACHET CRAFT (Mell. #C45-6) and art by Ken Boll. Condition is very good, with some light toning and crease on the right corners cv ($11)



133 CV

C47 6 50th Anniversary of Powered Flight on FDC,

VF, neat typed address, first cachet by B.O.A.C. advertising cover (ad insert included). Condition is very good to excellent, couple minor toned spots on reverse and a small smudge on front, Mell. #C47-28 cv ($15)



134 CV

C98-100 1980 Airpost on FDC's (3),

VF, unaddressed, Fleetwood cachets, art by M.T. "Mel" Crawford, all with appropriate FDOI ccls, pristine condition cv ($10)