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153 CV

Pepsi-Cola Advertising Cover,

1950 usage, franked with #993 Casey Jones and Train locomotives issue; red and blue advertising shows a Pepsi bottlecap and a full soda bottle. From Bottling Co. of Jackson (TN) to Pepsi-Cola Louisiville (KY) Bottlers. Very nice cover



154 CV

1894, 1897A 20 and 2 on Chicagopex '82 Event Cover,

VF, unaddressed, tied to cover with special cancel of locomotive pullng a mail car and text "CHICAGOPEX 82 STATION/CHICAGO IL 60654/HONORING RAILWAY MAIL SERVICES", dated Oct 24, 1982 (last day of show). Almost full front cachet in Blue with initials "FJS" in lower left corner. Nice topical (trains, shows, RR mail, etc.) collateral material cv($10)



155 CV

2609 29 Flag over White House on Clinton 1st Inauguration cover,

VF, unaddressed, with HAM hand-painted cachet (#370), signed HAM and Wendy, number 118/150, postmark is circular date stamp "HOPE,AR/JAN/20/1993/71801" with 'INAUGURATION DAY' pictorial killer. Very interesting cachet! cv($48)