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126 CV

1852 Stampless Cover,

small brown envelope with green "AMSTERDAM/N.Y./MAR/18" cds ccl and green "PAID" hs; addressed to "J.M. Carroll, Esq/Fondasbush/Fulton Co/NY". Contains blue letter from D. Les Carroll with nice circular embossed paper manufacturer mark at upper left of an eagle over beehive hut on stilts with "CORNISH LAMPORT & CO./NEW YORK".



127 CV

769 1 Yosemite National Park, Souvenir Sheet of 6 Special Printing on First Flight Cover,

XF tied with "BALTIMORE, MD 9/OCT 26/6-AM/1937" cds and wavy line ccl, flown from Baltimore to Buffalo, NY, AAMC #X34N2 with purple hs cachet over the souvenir sheet and with violet hs address



128 CV

3633 37 Flag on Super Bowl XXXVIII event cover,

F-VF, unaddressed, tied to cover with Super Bowl Pictorial and Text post mark ("SUPER BOWL STATION/HOUSTON, TX 77201/FEBRUARY 1, 2004"), SB XXXVIII featured Carolina panthers versus New England Patriots who won 32-29. Cover in pristine condition