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84 CV

10A 3 Deep Orange Brown,

1 2/3 mgns, tied to back-advertising cover with New York cds cancel address to Stockbridge, Mass. Back flap with embossed square cut corner rectangle (octagonal) containing an open book, hands holding a quill pen and rays of light and reads "NEW YORK/INSTITUTION/FOR THE/DEAF & DUMB". In the books pages, "THE/DEAF/HEAR/THE/DUMB/SPEAK". The stamp has extremely deep color and the cover very clean and fresh! cv($185)



85 CV

26 3 Deep Claret,

VF-XF, short perforation at L, tied to small cover with GREEN "TAUNTON Ms./FEB/4" cds cancel, very rare! From William H. Reynolds to a probable relative David L. Gates in Norton, Mass. with one page letter inside cv($176)



86 CV

26 3 Dull Red,

Avg, SE at L with minor faults; tied to amber cover with VIOLET circular grid cancel (very scarce!). Cover also with "WINCHENDON/Mas./MAR/21" VIOLET cds cancel at LL, addressed to "Miss Amelia P. Alger/Framingham Center/Mass. cv($111)



87 CV

65 3 Rose, Lot of (3) Commercial covers (1862-64),

(2) F-VF and (1) Just Fine, includes Orange, Amber and Yellow envelopes, (2) opened neatly and (1) roughly opened at right and bottom. Manuscript cancel on (2) and cork cancel on (1) with Town cds LL. Interesting group



88 CV

185, 188 5 Blue and 10 Brown on Texas 1881 Court Cover,

both Fine, "WHITESBORO/TEX./JAN/22" cds cancel to Waxahachie, TX District Court docketing for the case of Leon and N. Blum vs. William Jolesch. Mustard-colored legal-sized cover



89 CV

267a 2 Pink, Ty IV on DPO Cover,

VF with SE at bottom and left, tied to cover with 4-ring target cancel. Also with "CLIP/TEX./JUL/9/1898" cds cancel. Addressed to "Mrs. Mavis Marberry/New Concord/Calloway Co./Ky." The cover is opened roughly at R with some minor toning and backstamped July 12 in New Concord. The Clip, TX Post Office was established March 8, 1898 and discontinued July 15, 1898, which was only three months and one week. Clip, TX was about halfway between Goliad, TX and Berclair, TX, somewhere around where Clip Rd is east of Highway 59. A very scarce "Dead Post Office" (DPO) cancel



90 CV

735 3 Byrd Antarctic Expedition Souvenir Sheet of 6 on cover,

VF with 6th day cancel from the National Stamp Exhibition with 2/15/34 cancel



91 CV

742, 1094 Mt. Rainier and 1957 Flag on two separate Pony Express Event covers,

F-VF on address covers, no. 742 on 75th Annviersary commemoration and no. 1094 on the centennial celebration. The 75th Anniversary is postmark "SAINT JOSEPH, MO./APR3/5-30PM/1935". Cachet by Bernstein and Arnold and reverse has rubber stamps for Louis Bernstein and Nat Arnold who sponsored this anniversary issue. Also has receiving postmark "HAMILTON, OHIO/APR/4/7-30PM/16/RECEIVED". Second is postmark "SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF/APR3/4-PM/1960." Cachet by "SAN FRANCISCO PONY EXPRESS CENTENNIAL COMMITTEE".



92 CV

807 3 Lgt Violet on 1949 Event Cover,

F-VF, typed addr, tied to cvr w/cds pmk "BIG SPRING, TEX./OCT5/9-PM/1949." Corner card has typed "RAY A ALBAUGH/BIG SPRING CENTENNIAL ASSOCIATION/P.O. Box 1391/BIG SPRING, TEXAS." Official pictorial cachet for "BIG SPRING/1849/OCTOBER 2-8/1949" w/the Big Spring, Longhorn, cotton and other commercial sympbols. Cover inscribed on front at btm "FEATURING THE CENTURAMA" OCTOBER 2-8, 1949/"WEST TEXAS' GREATEST SPECTACLE IN ONE HUNDRED YEARS". Good condition though roughly opened at L, content is a share certificate for "1" SHARE OF THE "BIG SPRING CENTENNIAL ASSOCIATION". Interesting Texas history



93 CV

995 3 Boy Scout Issue on event postcard,

VF, script addr, w/a special purple rubber stamp cachet by USPO, Santa Fe Railway and the Boy Scouts honoring Cub Scouts in their study of "The Mail Goes Through". Stamp tied to card by cds pmk "HOUSTON TEX. TERM./4-PM/SEP27/1950/R.P.O." Reverse has pictorials and printed message from Houston Postmaster Granville Elder. Nice scouting, train, RPO & Santa Fe R.R. collateral material



94 CV

C2 16 Grn,

VF, tied to cnr card advertising no. 10 cover w/a "AIR MAIL SERVICE WASH. N.Y. PHILA/WASHINGTON/JUL/15/1918" cds ccl. This was the first day of the new 16 air mail postage rate. Corner advertising "Aero Club of America/297 Madison Avenue/New York City." Enclosed letter from the famous and notorious Henry Woodhouse thanking John H. Hammond, Jr."...for the wonderful work which you have done for the building of our Air Forces." AAMC cv. no. RC-3 cv($800)



95 CV

C33 5 Carmine on First Flight Cover for Trans Texas Airways,

typed address, cachet "FIRST/FLIGHT" rubber stamp in blue under TTA corner crease, postmark cds "FORT WORTH/OCT11/9-30AM/1947/TEXAS". No. 10 cover in excellent condition neatly opened at top



96 CV

E10 3 Purple and 10 Special Delivery on cover,

F-VF and franked with no. 502 VF, both with pre-posted tear and both tied to cover with San Antonio, TX Dec. 20, 1917 duplex machine cancel. Also with red straightline "FEE CLAIMED BY OFFICE/OF FIRST ADDRESS" hand signed and with Austin, TX Dec. 21, 1917 backstamp. Also, with 8-page letter inside cv($200)



97 CV

U611, UX121 USPS Bicentennial Inauguration Memento of GHW Bush and Dan Quayle,

VF, unaddressed, no cachet, (4) covers with postmarks pertinent to Bush and (2) covers with postmarks pertinent to Quayle and one postcard with Washington, DC inauguration cancel. In original envelope cv($24)



98 CV

Group of (5) Airmail Related Special Event Covers,

various franking, includes 1) Second Annual Southern Air Meet in Tampa Fla, with C11, 2) Cape May, NJ Airport Dedicvion with C11, 3) Muskegon, Mich. Airport Dedicvion with no. 637; 4) 20th Anniversary of Altoona, PA. Chamber of Commerce on U533 with (2) no. 704; 5) East Chicago, Indiana 1938 National Air Mail Week with C23 Top PNS no. 21835 and Red and blue "TOP"



99 CV

WWI Soldier's Mail, Lot of (8) covers,

from 1917-18 covering training camp to deployment of Major Birdsall P. Briscoe writing to his sister Adele Briscoe Looscan. Includes (3) from Camp Travis in Central Texas, (1) from New York City - Officer's Mail and self censored, (2) Officer's mail - self censored from MPES 726 and a couple others dated Nov 1918. No correspondence. Briscoe came to be a renowned Houston, Texas architect. Two others in same period. Covers in Fair condition, mostly roughly opened, couple stained



100 CV

V-Mail APO 520 (Foggia, Italy) to Waco, Texas, pmk cds "U.S. POSTAL SERVICE/MAR9/3AM/1944/No.3", pencil note on front forwarding to Ft. Worth, Texas. Roughly opened leaving backflap torn. Receiving pmk on back cds "WACO, TEXAS/MAR11/11-AM/1944."



101 CV

Contract Air Mail First Flight Covers, Lot of (6),

all addressed and various frankins; three are CAM19 (19S3c Winston-Salem, NC, 19S16 Charlotte, NC and 19N24 Savannah, GA); CAM25 (20W7 Albany to Buffalo then stops in Rochester, Cleveland, Chicago until arriving in Paseo, Wash.); CAM25 (25S2 from Jacksonville, FLA) and CAM33 (33W1 Atlanta, GA). Condition is very good, minor gum toning and no corner crease except CAN25 Size 10 envelope has been folded twice. CAM20 cover very minor stain lower right corner and CAM25 cover somewhat "dirty" on back. All are single franked using #650, C7, C10 (2), C11 and C12 cv($42)



102 CV

Foreign Air Mail First Flight Cover, Lot of (4),

all addressed and have various franking; (1) FAM5 Lindbergh FFC Miami to Canal Zone franked w/649-50 and C9; (2) FAM5 (F5-115a) FFC Miami to Merida, Mexico with C12; (3) FAM14 FFC Honolulu to Guam (F14-2a) with C20; and (4) FAM18 FFC New York to Foynes, Ireland (F18-10c) franked with C24. Condition is good; Canal Zone cover has two mount stains on back, others have light overall toning and slight gum toning and very slight creases. Very useful lot cv($40)



103 CV

Texas Postal History Covers, Lot of (5),

F-VF, all addressed, including (2) pmk Ballinger Tex. (10/26/1909 and 10/27/1909), (1) pmk TALPA, TEX. (JUL 10, 1908); (1) pmk TEHUACANA, TEX. (3/20/17); and (1) TEMPLE and SAN ANGELO RPO (1907/19/DEC.). Interesting lot with various franking including numbers 300, 319, 331 and 463



104 -

Indian Territory Picture Postcard,

franked w/#300 w/"LINSDAY/IND.T./OCT/10/9AM/1902" duplex ccl. Picture shows (4) tepees on a plain w/(2) Assiniboine Indian women. Titled "Eventide on the Fort Belknap Reservation."