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118 CV

10Avar 3 Copper Brn, Pl. 2E,

three mgns, just in at btm, on homemade brownish cover, backflap missing, brittle paper. Stamp personally identified by William "Bill" McDaniel cv($1100)



119 CV

24 1 Blue, Ty V,

VF w/very prominent "C" relief side scratches at R & w/nat'l SE at R tied to cvr w/lgt Waterbury, VT cds and w/stamp placed at UL cnr of small, neat cvr also addr to a Waterbury locvion. Very nice item cv($45)



120 CV

65 3 ROSE,

Avg tied to reverse of Chas. Magnus Panorama of NASHVILLE scenic cachet, front w/"STEUBENVILLE, OHIO JUN 8" cds, apparently design no. 1, lgt stn at R edge; fantastic cvr, Wolcott no. W-691. Extremely scarce!



121 CV

185, 188 5 Blue and 10 Brown on Texas 1881 Court Cover,

both Fine, "WHITESBORO/TEX./JAN/22" cds cancel to Waxahachie, TX District Court docketing for the case of Leon and N. Blum vs. William Jolesch. Mustard-colored legal-sized cover



122 CV

375, E7 2 Car & 10 Special Delivery on commercial cvr,

VF, tied to cvr w/cds "PHILLIP..../AUG/2/P.M./1911/N..." (we believe its Phillipsport, NY.), opened roughly at L (part envelope missing), addr to "MRS. W.H. CARVELL/30 SUSSEX ST./HACKENSACK/NEW JERSEY". Reverse has (2) receiving marks; one "NEW YORK, N.Y. REC'D/AUG2/9PM/1911/GRAND CENTRAL STA. RR DIV." and two duplex pmk's - "HACKENSACK/AUG3/7A.M./"N.J."/1911". Condition incls rough opening at L, slightly dirty at T edge and colored pencil marks (initials & graph-partly erased on front & stick man on reverse) cv($400)



123 CV

632, 634, 642, 651 1, 2, 10 and 2 Clark Issue on registered cover, w/fancy cancels,

F-VF, neat typed address, "REGISTERED" box in violet auxiliary mark at lower left, small pencil marks front and back, stamps tied to cover with "DOLLAR SIGN ($)" obliteration. Reverse has dual double circle "MONEY MISS./MAY/17/1930/M.O.B." registry office cancels and double circle postmark "INDIANAPOLIS IND./MAY/19/1930/REG. DIV." with date insert upside down. Return address is "GEORGE ROGERS CLARK/P.O. BOX 1495/INDIANAPOLIS, IND." Condition is good, with a few small stains and general light toning. Addressed to Floyd Shockley, a well-known cachet maker of the 1930's



124 CV

632, 638, 640, 689 1, 6, 8 & 2 von Stuben Issue on registered cover, with fancy cancels,

F-VF, neat typed address, each stamp tied to cover with Money Bag and Dollar Sign Pictorial obliteration, Violet "REGISTERED/No." box at lower left. Small pencil notes front and back. Dual double circle Registry cancels on reverse "MONEY MISS./NOV/20/1930/M.O.B." and a third "CUMBERLAND,IND/NOV/21/1930/REGISTERED" postmark. Return address on back "GEORGE R. CLARK/P.O. BOX 114/ZIONSVILLE, IND." Envelope has separated at the right seam on back. Condition is good with small stains on front and very light overall toning. Addressed to Floyd Shockley, cachetmaker of 1929-30's



125 CV

689, WX55 2 Von Stueben and 1930 Christmas Seal on cover, with fancy Christmas Tree 'block' print cancel,

F-VF, neat ink script address, postmark "GENESSEE DEPOT, WIS./DEC 25 1930". Cover in good condition, edges and corners with very little wear, cover is "dirty" with stains and toning, small pencil notes on front and back



126 CV

718 3 Olympic Games Issue on event cover,

F-VF, ink script addr & forwarding addr as well, cachet by Olympic Cover Company for "OPENING DAY/Xth OLYMPIAD" (similar to Mellone 718-9), pmk cds "LOS ANGELES, CALIF./JUL30/11-30M/1932/ARCADE STA. 1". A second pmk was applied at first addr. "LINCOLN/AUG2/11 PM/1932/NEBR." Return addr on flap. Cover slightly soiled, some light gum tng and cclg, machine ink offset



127 CV

1069 3 Soo Lock Centenary Issue Pair on commercial cover,

VF, addressed, with corner card "NSP/NORTHERN STATES POWER COMPANY/P.O. BOX 953/SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA 57101". Postmark cds "SIOUX FALLS, SD/OCT4/AM/1969" with text killer "ALWAYS USE/ZIP CODE". Corner card signed "KWR"(?). Northern States Power was originally founded by H.M. Byllesby (apprentice to Thomas Edison) in 1909. It is now part of Xcel Energy. Condition is very good with some adhesive bleeding, opened neatly on left. Nice addition to a utilities, electrical, even corporate topical collection



128 CV

1556, 1569, C88 Group of (4) covers commemorating the Launch and Landing of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Mission in 1975,

includes 10 Linkup on FDC with Kennedy Space Center FDOI pmk and LBJ Space Center Stamp Club cachet, no. 1556 Pioneer Jupiter with Launch date pmk. "Houston, TX/JULY 15/PM/1975 and LBJ Space Center Stamp Club cachet, no. C88 with pictorial pmk cds "HOUSTON, TX 77013/logo/APOLLO SOYUZ/LINK-UP/JULY 17, 1975" with cachet a Apollo-Soyuz decal pasted on cover, and 4th no. 1569 tied to cover with fancy cancel depicting mission orbit and cds "JSC-SPACEPEX STA./JUL/25/1975/HOUSTON TX" (splashdown date for APOLLO). Cachet by LBJ Space Center Stamp Club depicting mission orbit. Condition is good, would be excellent except cellophane tape stains on backs. Nice group comemmorating a truly historic space flight event



129 CV

C2 16 Grn,

VF, tied to cnr card advertising no. 10 cover w/a "AIR MAIL SERVICE WASH. N.Y. PHILA/WASHINGTON/JUL/15/1918" cds ccl. This was the first day of the new 16 air mail postage rate. Corner advertising "Aero Club of America/297 Madison Avenue/New York City." Enclosed letter from the famous and notorious Henry Woodhouse thanking John H. Hammond, Jr."...for the wonderful work which you have done for the building of our Air Forces." AAMC cv. no. RC-3 cv($800)



130 CV

C14 $1.30 Graf Zeppelin on flown cover,

Sieger no. 64.G cv 650. about $800, stamp VF, tied w/May 30, 1930 Lakehurst, NJ machine ccl; Lakehurst to Friedrichshafen flight, w/German & U.S. cachets (lightened) & all appropriate markings



131 CV

White House Envelope Feb. 17, 1914 Washington DC 7 P.M. pencil note on reverse says: "Telegram of Grandmother Juliet's Last illness 1914. As grandmother was ill and died, we could not attend President Wilson's reception to which we each received an invitation."



132 CV

Two Event Covers franked with Annapolis MD meter ccls,

addressed with 1953 and 1957 Navy Football schedule as cachet. Addressee is first Capt. H.R. Carson, USN in San Diego and second to RAdm (Rear Admiral) Harry R. Carson in New Orleans