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February 20, 2019

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Winning Bid 2/21/19





254 @

R18c 3 Grn, Proprietary,

Avg, perfs touch at R, no ccl, but NG valued as used Cat($9)



255 @

R55c 50 Blue, Entry of Goods, scratched plate variety,

VF Used, w/several creases, Scott lists this variety as position 76; also double perfs at top Cat($20)



256 **

RB20p 1/8 Yellow Grn, PB/10 no.10720,

Fine NH, but gum tng and skips present, partial Bureau impt LL Cat($125)


Not Sold

257 **

RC10 $1.00 Grn w/Red Overprint, Vert PNS no. 55341,

Fine NH, just in at T, plate no. unlisted in Durland's "FUTURE DELIVERY ISSUES" section; but no. listed for R240 Cat($75)



258 @

RD260 $10,000 Bright Grn, "Series 1947" Ovpt,

XF, w/typical wavy cut ccl Cat($75)



259 @

RO17a 1 Blue, Barber Match Company,

F-VF Used, pulled perf w/tiny th at T center Cat($25)