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May 15, 2024

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Opening Bid 5/26/24





162 @

344, 384, 496 2 Carmine Imperfs and 5 Blue Horizontal Single Miscut Oddities,

(1) 344 and (2) 384 with varying portions of upper stamp included and 496 has joint line on right but only small portion of right hand stamp cv ($11)



163 **

494var 3 Reddish Violet, ty II, Coil Joint Line Strip of 4, Vertical Plate Scraches at right of line from top to bottom,

F-VF, Line Pair VLH; left and right stamps NH cv ($67)



164 **

1476var 8 Rise of the Spirit of Independence, Block of 14 with perforating flaw,

NH, lower right corner block of 12, plus (2) right hand vertical row shows the printer gradually moving to the left (top stamp has a tear in it). Horizontally you observe the legend being obliterated by the perfs to almost normal readability. Very interesting flaw