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(Entertainment) Peggy Ashcroft (1907-1991),

British Actress, sig on 3" x 3" card, winner of an Academy Award & a BAFTA award for "A Passage to India" and a BAFTA award for "Madame Sousatzka" as well as British Academy Television awards




(Sports) Mabel Bryant (1885-1948),

British Women's hockey player (1901-1928), considered one of the elite players of her time. Signature on 5" x 4" manila card w/newspaper clipping attached & dated 1928, the year she retired




(Theater) Edwin Gilding Clarke (1873-1934),

British actor & opera performer, sig here on a 3 " x 5" handwritten letter to an admirer, dated 1927 from the Shakespeare Theatre in Liverpool, where he mentions sending a sgnd pic of himself in the role of the Cardinal in "The Jewess" and references his role as Buteux in Lecocq's "The Daughter of Madame Angot." Letter glued to cardboard for protection but w/cr at btm, slightly affecting signature




(Religion) Willard Collins (1915-2007),

a Church of Christ evangelist, preached at revivals, VP & then President of Lipscomb University 1977-86. His sig is here on RW48 PNS, VF NH




(First Lady) Grace Coolidge (1879-1957),

wife of Pres. Calvin Coolidge, she was First Lady of the U.S. 1923-1929 and second Lady of the U.S. 1921-1923. She was also a lifelong teacher, educving deaf children. Here we have a beautiful, unfolded Christmas card signed: "To dearest Coley with abiding love/Grace Coolidge". Excellent condition and very scarce




(Postmaster General) James A. Farley (1888-1976),

U.S. Postmaster General 1933-1940 under FDR. Here, his signature in green on a typed 1948 letter with "The Coca-Cola Export Corporation" letterhead, where he was Chairman of the Board 1940-1973. The letter is in excellent condition




(Vice-President) John Nance Garner (1868-1967),

1933-1941 U.S. Vice-President (under FDR); 1903-1933 U.S. House of Representatives (D-TX). FDC signed by him of #790 1 Navy issue with green and black Dietz cachet (Mellone's #790-62 cv $25). Also, contains the 1937 letter sent requesting the autograph on the FDC and the VP's free-franked envelope in which the letter and signed FDC were returned to the solicitor. Said envelope with corner card "THE VICE PRESIDENT'S CHAMBER/WASHINGTON" in blue and a blue pre-printed signature "Jno. N. Garner/V.P." and with a 1937 Uvalde, TX cancel. All extremely nice!




(Entertainment) Marjorie Gordon (1893-1983),

English opera, stage & film actress 1915-1977. B&W 2x3 paper picture attached to 4x6 card sgnd "Best wishes from/"Valentine" at T and signature at btm. In the picture, she is dressed as the lead character "Valentine" from the opera "Valentine"




(Post Office) Gronouski, John A. (1919-1996),

U.S. Postmaster General Sept. 30, 1963-Nov. 2, 1965. He also served as U.S. Ambassador to Poland 1965-1968 under Pres. Johnson. Here, his autograph on #1240 1963 Christmas FDC, during his tenure as Postmaster General




(Politics) Herbert W. Kalmbach (1921-), American Attorney & Banker, personal lawyer to Pres. Richard M. Nixon (1968-73),

also became part of the Watergate scandal by fundraising for the payoff money; and served 191 days in jail for his part. Signature on FDC of #1282 blk/4, cvr very clean w/pnb on reverse (Scott #).




(Post Office) O'Brien Jr., Lawrence (1917-1990),

U.S. Postmaster General Nov. 3, 1965-Apr. 10, 1968; Chairman of the Democratic National Committee 1970-1972; Director of Sen. John F. Kennedy's 1960 Presidential election campaign; Director of Pres. Lyndon Johnson's 1964 Presidential election campaign; and Commissioner of the National Basketball Association (NBA) 1975-1984. His autograph here on #1307 1966 Humane Treatment of Animals FDC, along w/a signature by Tyler Abell, Assistant Postmaster General, later U.S. Chief of Protocol under Pres. Johnson 1958-1969