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February 21, 2018

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Winning Bid 2/23/18





557 -

RW67RS 2000 Mottled Duck, LL Pane/20 no. 199119,

sgnd & remarqued by Adam Grimm of (5) ducks in flight over a big patch of cattails w/this gorgeous drawing covering almost all of the pane; seriously nice, VF NH



558 -

RW68RS 2001 Northern Pintail, LL PB/4,

sgnd & remargued by stamp's artist Robert Hautman of a highly detailed pintail in flight over a marsh scene covering the btm selv, VF NH



559 -

RW69R 2002 BLACK SCOTERS, LL PANE/20 NO. B 1111 1,

sgnd & remarqued by stamp's artist at LR "Jos. Hautman", gorgeous, wide, bold remarque of (1) drake & (2) hens flying across the pane over marsh grass, a truly eye-catching painting! Also incls a hand-written letter dated 4/22/03 and sba "Joe Hautman", VF NH



560 -

RW70RS 2003 Snow Geese, LL PB/4 no. P 111111,

sba & remarqued at LL by "Ron Locque/1-04", very nice Snow Goose across btm (2) stamps & selv, F-VF NH



561 **

RW72R 2005 Hooded Merganser, LR cnr selv,

large selv leaves plenty of room for a beautiful remarque by stamp artist Mark Andersen. The selv is filled w/a misty green and a hooded merganser drake, head extended on to the stamp. A very attractive remarque, VF-XF NH



562 **


remarqued by stamp's artist Robert Bealle & sgnd no. 8/10. A fantastic hand-painted remarque of a widgeon by the artist plus letter of authenticity that only (10) would ever be done, RARE thus! XF NH


Not Sold

563 -

RW84R 2017 Canada Geese,

the record-tying fifth win by Jim Hautman, will he become the first artist to break Maynard Reece's long-held record? A beautiful pair of Canada Geese are swimming in the btm selv, which has been filled w/a peach colored background, sgnd and dated by Hautman, XF NH