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358 L

1997 & 1998 Alaska Department of

Fish & Game Commercial Licenses (2),

for the vessel "Tillie" (ADFG #20140). The "Tillie" operated until 2009 as a commercial fishing vessel



359 L

2001-03 Alaska Department of Fish & Game Commercial Licenses (3),

for the vessel "Kayla Marie" (ADFG #71704), "Kayla Marie" operated until 2005 when it foundered and sunk



360 L

RW5 1938 Oregon license w/sgnd RW5,

$3.00 license assigned to A.C. Van Nuys on April 30 1938; both deer tags missing, RW5 sgnd Sept. 14, 1938 by Van Nuys, stamp F-VF



361 L

RW6 1939 Washington license w/sgnd RW6,

assigned to C.M. Waterman on April 1, 1939, stamp VF, w/nat'l SE on L. License slightly cut down (probably to fit wallet)



362 L

RW7 1940 Oregon license w/sgnd RW7,

Fine, (3) balanced mgns and close at L. Sgnd by G.A. Krause, Oct. 15, 1940, license complete w/both Deer Tags, couple of folds not affecting stamp



363 L

RW8 1941 Maine license to guide w/unsgnd RW8,

F-VF, w/nat'l SE at T. License assigned on Oct. 13, 1941 to "DELPHIS BISSONETTE", a major league baseball player (1st baseman) for the Brooklyn Robins/Dodgers, nick-named Del and known as the "WINTHROP (Maine) WALLOPER". License has one fold not affecting stamp. Very interesting collectible!



364 L

RW8 1941 Issue on 1941 Michigan Res license,

wallet folds, but still nice cond, stamp is F-VF & appears sound, a good license



365 L

RW9 1942 Wigeon on Oregon 1942 Res Hunter's License,

F-VF, w/nat'l SE at T & R, good condition though cut down, probably a fit to wallet



366 L

RW14 1947 Snow Goose on scarce Mississippi Res Combo Hunting & Fishing License,

stamp on reverse, has fold which avoids stamp, condition good overall



367 L

RW23 1956 American Merganser on 1956-57 Tennessee Hunting & Sport Fishing License,

F-VF, only duck stamp affixed on reverse (no trout stamp), condition is very good, writing on license face is light, but I don't think faded



368 L

RW33 1966 Whistling Swans on 1966 Mississippi License,

VF, lgt sig, good condition w/lgt or faded writing (maybe poor carbon copy)



369 L

RW40 1973 Steller's Eider on 1973 Mississippi License,

F-VF, license in very good condition



370 L

RW40 1973 Texas $8.75 Res combination Hunting & Fishling license w/sgnd RW40,

stamp VF, w/lgt sig, assigned to "KARL HEISLEY" Aug. 30, 1973. License has (2) deer tags still attached and one fold, but still in Very Good/Excellent condition



371 L

RW43 1976 Canada Geese on 1976 Tennessee Res Sportsman License,

good condition