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July 25, 2018

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Opening Bid 7/19/18





622 **

ARWT22, 23, 23v 2006 & 2007 Arkansas Wild Turkey stamps,

2007 error stamp which has the correct artwork but wrong year printed on stamp, VF NH Cat($71)



623 **

GAWM5Pvar Georgia 1983 Wildlife Management Proof Sheet/20,

somewhat misperfed vert, color varies some from reddish to yellowish to green, btm horz perfs missing, value missing, serial no's make no sense, guide lines at T, guide lines & color bars at btm. Very unusual. Retail for normal stamps $700



624 **

TXD3 1973 Texas White-Winged Dove, Lot of (19),

VF NH, serial no's non-sequential Cat($57)