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November 28, 2018

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Opening Bid 11/16/18





335 -

Collection of (11) Sales Tax Receipt Tokens from (5) States,

all Depression Era "coins", consists of metal, fiber, cardboard and plastic tokens from Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico & Washington State in 1mil, to 5mil values



336 -

Group of (4) Wooden Nickels,

all in very good condition, consists of Ohio Sesquicentennial 5 & (2) Macon, Missouri Centennial wooden coins - a 10 Two Wooden Nickels & a 25 (5) Wooden Nickels



337 -

Obsolete Currency Uncut Sheet (4) notes from Bank of New England at Goodspeed's Landing,

bank was in East Haddam, Connecticut. Listed in Haxby as CT110 w/notes G-16c, 16c, 18c, and 22c (two $1 notes, one $2 note & one $5 note). Back of sheet is blank. Sheet in excellent condition, has minor press plate ink line at the top. Sheet circa 1860; ungraded. Bank became a "National" 7-22-1865



338 -

State of Washington 1/5 Tax Token Scrip,

in good condition, slightly dirty, minor edge, & cnr wear