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October 17, 2018

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465 -

World Wide Collection of about (1,500) for A-F Countries,

generally F-VF, mixed used & unused; mostly used. There are issues from about (35) countries Argentina to France. Estimated cv is approximately $400 for mostly common issues, but a few in the $5 range. Contains a nice assortment w/larger holdings for Australia (about 240), Canada (about 220), Ceylon & Belgium (about 120 each) and France w/about (100). Stamps are mounted on self-stick photo album pgs, so there may be a few stuck down (ones inspected came loose).



466 -

World Wide Remainder Collection of Cyprus & Malta Issues on Minkus pages,

F-VF, mix of used & unused w/a few NH, but mostly used. Range for Cyprus is 1903 (#38) to 1973 (#401) about 50 stamps and for Malta range is 1880's to 1970's (about 30 stamps w/two S/S's). Pages are two-post country specific dating from about 1860 to 1974 (31 pgs each country) though sparsely populated; lots of space to grow the collection Cat($70)



467 **

French Colonies Marshal Petain 1941 Issues,

contains (68) MNH stamps from (17) countries, pristine lot; some of the sets only have cv for hinged Cat($67)