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July 25, 2018

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Opening Bid 7/19/18





321 c@

CSA 5var 10 Rose, Malformed "T" of "TEN" variety, (Pos. 4),

four nice mgns, vert cr along T 2/3 of R frameline, "RICHMOND/VA/JUL/3/1862" cds ccl, 1990 PFC Cat($600)



322 c@

CSA 10 10 BLUE, W/FRAMELINES,^ VF, w/partial "HALIFAX C.H./N.C." or "Va." or "FAIRFAX C.H./Va." cds ccl. 2014 Weiss cert notes UL cnr is thinned & just breaks the paper in the mgn, parts of 3 lines show w/L & R lines w/some doubling. Very sharp image! Cat($2100)