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January 15, 2020

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378 -

Small World Wide Accumulation of over (300) stamps,

generally F-VF, mostly Used w/a few Unused ph, a hodge podge from over a dozen countries w/quantities from (2) stamps (Canal Zone) to about (80), e.g. France (77) & Norway (87). Stamps in manila stock pages in a green 2" 3-ring binder. Countries incl France, Hungary, Italy, U.S., Philippines, Reunion, Great Britain, Norway, Hong Kong, etc. w/stamps from classics (Italy 339) to modern (Canada 1092). Nothing spectacular, but interesting nontheless. Better items incl US #C31, Norway #132-35, & Great Britain #527-28 Cat($240)



379 -

World Wide Collection of about (5,000) stamps,

mostly F-VF, mix of Used & Unused, and hinged to Scott album pgs in a Scott "international Postage Stamp Album Part I" of 1965. Includes pgs for Aden to Zululand and covers just the classics, 1850-1940's. U.S. & Great Britain pgs removed


Not Sold

380 -

World Wide Collection (@2,800) mostly Classics,

F-VF generally, mixed used & unused, w/flts and hinged to pages of hard bound "Triumph Stamp Album" 8th Edition; stamps range from Abyssinia (Ethiopia) to Victoria and includes all continents. Faults not counted incl; GB #1 (cnr missing), Bremen #5 w/tear, Swiss #7 w/damaged R edge & U.S. #E3 w/tear. Estimated used cv is $3,500. Items of interest incl copies of Austria #17, Switzerland #8, Hamburg #6, Finland #17, GB Seahorses #179/180, & Denmark #19. Album binding is falling apart and some pages are loose. An interesting "all classics" collection to enjoy



381 -

World Wide British Colonies Packet (145),

F-VF, mostly Used w/a few NH/LH, Honor-Bilt packet no. 924, generally common material w/best item Pakistan O44-6 ($14.25). Stamps from about (35) countries from Australia to Turks & Caicos, most have one or two issues w/Australia about (20), India (51) & Pakistan about (20). Interesting mix Cat($82)


Not Sold


World Wide G-Z pre-1950 Country Collection in two albums,

contains about (1,500) stamps, mixed mint & used, wide variety of countries, mostly low values, but noted a few better items, inclg Gr. Britain #179 used; Portugal #595-602 mint OG & #692 used, plus a page of mint OG Japan stamps w/combined cv over $175. Useful old-time lot


Not Sold

383 CV

World Wide Collection of Space related covers (about 100),

mix of FDC, event & commercial covers, both addr & unaddr (mostly unaddr). Incls about (70) Russian, (12) Czech, and rest (about 20) various other countries (Cuba, Paraguay, Viet Nam and a couple others). Dates range from 1959 to 1979 w/most in the 1959-72 range. Almost all different (2/3 dups) either via franking or cachets. A couple of flts (torn envelope, torn stamp), but generally very good condition


Not Sold