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92 CV

650 5 Int'l Civil Aeronautics Conf. Issue on cover,

F-VF, tied w/Pittsburgh, PA May 4, 1929 machine ccl to attractive airmail cover. Red violet hs cachet "NATIONAL/ELIMINATION/BALLOON RACES/AND AERONAUTIC EXHIBITION/UNIVERSITY OF/PITTSBURGH STADIUM/MAY 2,3 4/1929" also pictured a hot air balloon. Clean & fresh. Each of the (12) balloons in this race carried mail, which was to be mailed at the nearest Post Office to their landing sites. Therefore, this cvr was probably carried by Balloon #9 or #10, which landed only 32 miles and 27miles from the starting point, respectively



93 CV

1909 $9.35 Bald Eagle & Moon on STS-8 Space Flight Cover,

XF, w/multi-colored NASA/USPS cachet, flown aboard the "USS Challenger" space shuttle, which exploded 2 years later. Unaddr and w/original folio. COSMOS Cat. #1800A Cat($125)



94 CV

U.S.S. Macon 1933 Christening cover,

franked w/#C10, tied w/an Akron, OH 3/1/1933 machine ccl & w/black hs cachet for the event (Mell. #3/11/33-1.1). This dirigible was built by the Goodyear-Zeppelin Corp near Akron for the U.S. Navy; ms addr Cat($15)



95 CV

U.S.S. Akron 1932 Coast to Coast Flight cover,

franked w/#C16. Violet hs cachets for the flight, front & back (Mell. #5/6/32-1a), ms addr Cat($10)



96 CV

11A, 15L16 3 Rose Red & 1 Bronze on Black D.O. Blood & Co. local on small cover,

#11A w/2 mgns, tied to cvr w/Philadelphia, Pa. cds ccl. Blood's local w/three mgns, acid tied to cvr, addr to "Mr. George M. Allerton/care of Goodyears Glove Co/36 John St/New York" Cat($275)



97 CV

UC1 5 Blue Postal Envelope,

XF, w/"SAINT PETERSBURG/FLA./MAY 31/1230PM/1930" cds & wavy line ccl w/violet hs addr. Large green cachet at L w/the Graf Zeppelin pictured over a map of Florida, a large sunburst pictured at center L of state labeled "The/Sunshine/City" and text "COMMEMORATING THE/EUROPE-PAN-AMERICAN FLIGHT/ST. PETERSBURG FLORIDA". Couple minor foxing spots, Sieger cv 50 about $52



98 -

WWI "Soldiers Mail", with correspondence,

unfranked w/(2) indistinct "U.S. Army..." pmks in UR. Neatly typed addr, return addr & ID inscription at LL. Decent censor strike w/censor signature. Cover has sm stns on front and back, and LR cnr torn off. Correspondence is personal on (2) page of "SALVATION ARMY/AMERICAN SECTION" stationery and has some redaction; still a wonderful note between son and mother. Letter dated Oct. 18, 1918