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August 7, 2019

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404 CV

RW53var 1986 Fulvous Whistling Duck, w/black color shift on FDC,

VF, unaddr, color shift put eye up & back of socket & shifted off back of head, has Gill Craft cachet Mellone RW53-29 Cat($30)



405 CV

RW54, CD3, 2332 22 Bobcat (3) on FDC in combination w/1987 Federal & Canadian Duck stamps FDOI,

VF, unaddr, hand-painted cachet by "RBP" cachets, sgnd Robert B. Pristas & no. 11/14. Cover has (4) pmk strikes, (1) cds "USPS CAPEX STA./JUN/13/1987/TORONTO, CANADA" on one #2332; (2) "USPS CAPEX STA. pictorial cds/JUN 13, 1987/TORONTO, CANADA" on 2nd #2332; (3) dc cds "WYANDOTTE, MI RIVERVIEW BR./JUL/1/1987/USPO" on RW54 & 3rd #2332 and the 4th on the Canada FWH3 stamp is pictorial Mapleleaf ccl "PHILATELIC CANADA PHILATELIQUE/I.VII.87/LONDON (Ontario Province). Reverse has sgnd & numbered w/company handstamps. Very scarce cover



406 CV

RW56, 1362 6 Waterfowl Conservation Issue on FDC in combination w/RW56 FDOI, and sba Neal Anderson,

VF, unaddr, #1362 tied to cvr by cds pmk "CLEVELAND, OH/OCT/24/1968" FDOI ccl, w/DUCKS UNLIMITED limited edition cachet, artwork by John Ruthven, no. 40/100; RW56 tied to cvr w/June 30, 1989 Duck Stamp Station pictorial ccl. Cover sgnd by RW56 artist Neal Anderson at T; reverse has inscription "PREPARED BY/BOB DUMAINE 7/89". Condition is excellent, minor tng and stray ink spots on back. Very nice item! Scarce!



407 CV

WA5 Washington State 1990 Issue on FDC,

F-VF, unaddr, Milford hand-painted premium cachet, sgnd, numbered 60/294, almost pristine condition, has tiny ink mark on front by postage



408 CV

WI13 Wisconsin 1990 Issue on FDC,

F-VF, unaddr, Milford hand-painted premium cachet, sgnd, numbered 140/297, pristine condition w/stuffer, 12th Milford created